Around 1984 or 85, the DROIDS cartoon aired on Saturday mornings. The cartoon followed the mis-adventures of everyone's favorite droid duo. From this cartoon, a line of toys was spawned. There were 12 3 inch figures, three vehicles, and lightsabers. The twelve figures were released on DROIDS cards, which featured a scene from the cartoons of the character, a description of the character on the back, and came with a gold colored coin.

    Of the twelve figures, two were standard issue. The A-Wing Pilot and Boba Fett are nearly identical to the normal Star Wars carded figures. Also included in the line are, of course, R2-D2 and C-3PO. However, these two are cartoon versions of the figures, of identical molds as the original figures, but painted to look like the cartoons. The other figures in the line are Uncle Gundy, Jann Tosh, Thall Joben, Jord Dusat, Kea Moll, Kez Iban, Tig Fromm, and Sise Fromm. The Vehicles released for this series are the Sidegunner, the ATL interceptor, and the A-Wing.

    Unfortunately, the toy line was cancelled before the second batch of figures was massed produced. There are some preproduction prototypes of droid figures floating around, but are very rare, and very expensive. Some of these prototypes even made it so far as to be carded with coin and all. One exception to this are the Brazilian release of DROIDS figures. This limited and rare line included the Vlix figure, which wasn't released in the U.S. Vlix is by far the rarest figure in this line, probably also in the entire Star Wars line.

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