Misc. Star Wars Stuff

   While the biggest part of my Star Wars collection revolves around the action figures, there is still quite a bit of memorabilia which isn't part of the Kenner lines. Star Wars impacted almost everyone's lives, at one point or another most people had things like Star Wars cups or maybe Underoos with their favorite character on them. I actually managed to find some of this stuff in the massive clutter of my house.

Star Wars:Special Edition Pin
Return of the Jedi trash can
Burger King Glasses
Yoda planter
Millenium Falcom Puzz3D 3-d puzzle
Star Wars Trilogy 1988 Boxed Edition
Star Wars Ertl models
C-3PO's Book About Robots
Star Wars: the Maverick Moon illustrated children's book
Return of the Jedi Folders
Power of the Force Coins
R2-D2 Cake Candle
R2-D2 Underoos
Star Wars wind-ups
Star Wars Pez Dispensers
Star Wars Patches
Plush Ewok
R2-D2 toy chest
Empire Strikes Back bed sheets
MicroCollection Metal figures
Yoda pencil sharpener
Return of the Jedi Kid's Dinner Set
Stormtrooper Mug
Star Wars:Special Edition popcorn tub
Darth Vader Talking Bank
Taco Bell toys and Kid's Meal boxes
Galoob Action Fleet Battle Pack #1
Galoob Action Fleet Battle Pack #2
Assorted MicroMachine vehicles
LOTS of Star Wars Comics and related Magazines
Star Wars Galaxy 1 Card Set
Star Wars Galaxy 2 Card Set
Millenium Falcon Hallmark Ornament
Luke Skywalker Hallmark Ornament
Star Wars Hallmark Calendar
Empire Strikes Back Hallmark Calendar
Star Wars baseball cap
Star Wars Trilogy covers poster
R2-D2 and C-3P0 key chains
TIE Fighter Collector's Edition
X-Wing:B-Wing Mission
Rebel Assault
Super Empire Strikes Back for SNES
Star Wars 1995 calendar
Star Wars 1997 calendar

My thanks goes out to all those who helped me put together this collection, especially to Uncle Pete, my parents, my sisters Laurie and Melissa, and to all my aunts and uncles and grandparents who contributed to this collection over the years, thank you all!