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Eric F. Mucus...
Eric 'Fred' Norris It happened unnoticed. Over 2 years ago, Fred Leo Norris, upset with the fact that his mother had not named him the original name she chose, changed his name to Eric Fred Norris. Eric, the name she had originally chosen, was not given to him because it was the name of her ex-boyfriend before Fred's (Eric's) dad. The legal paperwork must have been a lot of work, but that did not stop Eric. What is a shock is that he told no one. Why? Fred's explanation is that everyone calls him Fred anyway and that it is easier for him because his bills are sent to Eric. His driver's license, credit cards, utilities, and other official things are listed with the name Eric Fred or Eric F. Howard's explanation is that Fred is insane. It was also disclosed that Eric's last name isn't Norris, but a name that sounds like Mucus.

Movie More Than 1/2 Way Complete
Howard's movie is really coming along. Now a month into production, Howard has mentioned that the filming of Private Parts is really into full swing, with a majority of scenes completed. Paramount Pictures definitely has a hit on its hands!
Kathie Lee Weeping Kathie Lee Gifford, talk show co-host, author and Frank Handing Out Money singer, now is getting trashed by the media for something that she (should have been and probably) was fully aware of. Dumbass. Her clothing line sold in Wal-Mart, shirts for $9.92, was discovered to be made by underpaid sweat-shop workers in Central America. What's funny is when Kathie Lee denied it and mentioned that they are made in the United States, a sweat shop was discovered not less than 2 miles from the Live with Regis and Kathie Lee set. In an attempt to rectify the situation and ultimately look good, Frank Gifford, Kathie Lee's ancient-aged husband, went down to the sweat-shop and handed out $300 "gifts" (not payments) to each employee. Of course he had a press agent along side him. Can you say "Positive P.R."? (Photos courtesy of CNN)
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If you happened to see the movie "The Indian In The Cupboard" you may have noticed the old "K-Rock" bumper sticker on the kid's cork board... Being a Stern fan I always notice these things...
Fred's Marriage Not Looking So Good
During a discussion about Robin's weight, Fred announced unofficially that things between him and his wife are 'not that severe' at best. Howard, attributing the problems to Allison's acting career, as well as the rest of the crew, weren't sure what to make of the unexpected news. A divorce may be looming somewhere in the future. Howard feels Fred is the type that may be married 7 times in his life. By the way, Robin never did admit to her weight, but some listeners guessed it between 140 and 150 lbs.
Joey Buttafuoco Confronts
Amy Fisher's Father

Joey Buttafuoco, best known for his involvement with underaged Amy Fisher, appeared on the Stern show to promote his 3 picture movie deal. During the appearance, Buttafuoco made some crazy accusations about Mr. Fisher and his abuse of Amy. This spawned Mr. Fisher to call in, and that's when the fireworks began. Joey accused Mr. Fisher of sexually abusing Amy, and himself to be not involved with her at all; just that the guilty plea was taken for a reduced sentence. Mary Joe then called in repeatedly questioning Mr. Fisher's daughter's actions, asking him why his daughter tried to murder her. The whole thing lasted for about a half an hour and exhausted not only the participants but the whole crew as well as most listeners!
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This song kicks butt... or at least grabs Robin's. The winner, a Puerto-Rican who was trying to sound like a black guy, said he had no clue he'd win. Bill did come on, to the surprise of the cast wheelchair-bound. The song was sung by Bill who portrayed Robin's dad coming in to molest her in the middle of the night. "Robin, wake up sweetie... your mommy's asleep. Take off your PJ's. Your daddy's coming in with the vaseline..." Very funny. There were lots of great entries.
Filming for Private Parts starts
Thursday, May 2, started Howard's soon-to-be enjoyable routine of waking up at 3am, doing the show, running to his trailer on the set of his movie, 2 hours of makeup, shooting, and coming home around 8pm. The film Private Parts, based on the best-selling autobiography, is scheduled to be released this February. Scenes shot so far include Howard's previous radio jobs at WWWW in Detroit, and WCCC in Hartford, CT; which coincedently started airing Howard's show on Monday (WCCC 106.9fm / 1290am). Howard promises that this movie will be an academy-award winner, and just based on the book alone, I must agree with him...
Mary McCormick announced as leading lady in Private Parts
Starring on the show "Murder One" as a sophisticated lawyer, Mary McCormick's next role will be opposite Howard playing his wife Alison Stern. Screen tests have proven her to be a winner, so Mary is definitely the number one pick. Private Parts is due to start shooting this week. The movie should be released this February
Fred Quits Again after Howard Gets Too Involved

Howard has Gary make Phony Phone Call to Groom-to-be...
Some guy wrote a letter to Howard asking him if he'd appear in his wedding. Since Howard cab barely stand going to his own family's weddings, he decided to use this opportunity for a phony phone call. First, in order for Howard to come, no cameras of any kind could be present. The guy agreed. Second, the ceremony would have to be cut down to ten minutes. Again, the guy agreed. Then, Howard would remove the garter from the bride. Half the rice, or bubbles in this case, would have to be saved to be thrown at Howard when he leaves. Howard would do a stand-up act in which he goofed on the less than glamorous looking brides-maids, physically challenged or retarted, and ugly cousins; and grab the bride's ass and feel her up. This guy seemed to go along with everything. Of course, Gary let the guy know it was a phony phone call and the guy admitted he was a fool for believing it!
Guy found with teeth bigger than Gary's
Some guy named Marco, an almost 20 year old zit-faced high school senior, who called in last week came down Tuesday (4/23) to measure up against Gary's teeth, and he did. Afterwards, Jackie pointed out their diferences. "Marco's teeth look like they belong in his mouth. Gary's teeth are like tourists..."
Robin, Robin, Robin, yussssssss!

"Deadly Web" as seen by NBC...

Oh boy. Here we go again.. Another bad made for TV movie combining the acting talents of stars from virtually every end of TV (From the Lawrence's to The Flash to The Larroquettes and almost to ER). "Deadly Web", the computer sci-fi thriller, was obviously written for channel surfers and middle-aged women who barely know a thing about computers (as I noticed barely any depiction of reality besides the AT&T based World Net). This was very apparent with the commercials for Women's Disposable Underwear and hemmoroid cream, both with women spokespersons. The movie is based on real events, but I think watching a reenactment of the real events would have been better, even without Robin's 4 minute max. on-screen appearance. Just like with Fresh Prince, NBC hit the jackpot this time, luring Howard Stern's audience into a 2 hour cross between "Sneakers" and "The Net". The only differences are that those were good movies and didn't have commercial breaks. Overall though, for a made-for-TV movie, I give it a C+. It could have been much worse, I'm sure...
What did internet users think?

Here's the tally from the voting
about Robin and "Death Web"...
The movie was pretty good15%
The movie was terrible85%
Robin was pretty good40%
Robin was terrible60%
Robin was in this?1 person

James the Smelly Intern, future comedian,
Scammed by Howard
James, an 32 year-old intern on the Howard Stern show, has dreams of becoming a major spot on the comedic circuit. Last week, that dream almost came true. Howard called James playing the role of talent agent Paul / Bud Drayton of The L.A. Comedy Agency who had heard Jim on the radio and loved him to the point to be interested in him for his talent (and more). Buying the whole act and not even opening his eyes to the inpecularities of the whole situation, James confidently agreed with Drayton's pitch. He invited him to his place to drink, get stoned, and fool around with him. Drayton asked Jim to write homo sketches and send him $500.00, all of which James agreed. The agency would fly James to LA where he would stay at Drayton's one bedroom apartment, even sleeping in the same bed. Drayton said he wouldn't mind. Drayton also said James had to fix his Smelliness, since James is known for his farting problem. "Ever been with a man?" and "Douche-bag says what?" were asked as well. James was saying anything to sell him self and discredit everyone else, just to get to the top.
About Grillo He's uptight, young, not good looking, short, little "elf" kind of guy. Not really funny, pretty well known.
About Ralph Sounds gay
About Stuttering John No motivation. Lost the eye of the tiger. Lazy. Sits on his ass.
About Jackie "Whatever Jackie does, don't do it." I let myself laugh sometimes, but not really funny.
About Fred Such a dope. An enigma.
James can be sucked anything. He is the most gullable person on the show.
A true scam by Howard! Phony Phone calls strike again!
Happy Passover from Rabbi Gottfried...
(winning the Phone Call Award for the week)

To welcome in the Jewish celebration of Passover Howard had renoun Rabbi Gottfried from New York (Gilbert) call in to explain exactly what the holiday is all about. "Passover is a holiday made up for Jews to get off from work". With his amazinglously humorous antics one Catholic woman who was deeply offended called in to correct the Rabbi, whom she thought was real.

"Jill" Shatner visits the Homo Room
A priveledge only reserved for "trusted" guests was extended to Star Trek's Captain William Shatner. While Robin could only peek down the stairs, the guys bonded in a way only guys can; by banging gongs and typing with their genitals, hiding frogs where the sun doesn't shine, sticking bananas in their mouths, and ending everything with the final song, When You're Bending. All Robin knew was that they were down there to describe his new books... "Star Trek: The Return", "Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden", and "Man of War".
What exactly does a colonic feel like?
Apparently Robin knows, and Kathy, Howard's assistant, who brought in pictures of the entire procedure after Robin's little secret slipped out. Colonics, for those of you who don't know, is the process of flushing out the intestines using water and some other chemicals. Robin's been doing it for at least 2 months. Howard and the audience found this out early this week as Howard was talking about his own personal hygene problems. "Sometimes it looks orange, like carrots" is the line Howard said that Robin cracked it on. The nurse who administers the colonic inserts a lubricated tube about an inch and a half wide into the rectum and flushes it out with water. The waste water is disposed, and no odor is emitted. About 20 gallons of water pass in and out of the colon during an excruciatingly nightmarish-to-the-thought one and a half hour process that the victim get sot watch in a mirror. This secret was so funny that I'm glad Robin let us in on it and so is Howard, who has been playing up on it for over a week now.
The Morning Show with David Letterman
The Morning Show With David Letterman That's right. For the first time in history, Late Night talk show host David Letterman appeared in Howard Stern's studio. Letterman's appearance was a payback to Howard for cooperating throughout the years with him with Howard appearing on Letterman's show. Dave felt it was time to return the favor. Many things were brought up, including Dave's love life, his hair, his opinion of his portrayal in the HBO movie "The Late Shift", Morty, Letterman's appearance in Private Parts, Ideas "borrowed" from Howard on Letterman's show including Richard Simmons and Howard's Mom, and their impending friendship. As far as his love life was concerned, Dave was reluctant to provide any detailed information. He did Dave mention that he would like to get married and have children so he would have someone "to pass the estate on to." When confronted on his hair, Dave took off his baseball cap and let Howard tug on it, confirming its naturality. The Late Show movie, in which the actor portraying Letterman had red hair, was said to not even be seen or read by Letterman, however he was still upset over the use of a red-haired character when his hair is in fact brown. The interview was very comical, with Letterman telling his as-usual out of place stories for a laugh, including one about his short-wave radio listening hobby. One caller compared the event to last year when Howard went ape over Sally Jesse Raphael and Robin's appearance, when Howard twisted the Microsoft slander into "F. the skull of Sally Jesse Raphael." It was one of the funniest and most entertaining Stern-events since then.
On Monday(3/18)'s show Howard let his first girlfriend Robin know what she Picture of Howard from 1982 could be doing now. Howard, now overcome with success, called his first girlfriend and constantly harrassed her about his stardom and her blunder of dumping him. It was hilarious! Howard let her know that she could have been his, and that because of what she did she wouldn't even be mentioned in the movie. She mentioned her dissatisfaction with his penis size and "sex" (as she could barely call it). Robin, now realizing what she gave up, constantly questioned Howard about a second chance. Alison, Howard's wife, called in and put Robin straight. "You had your chance, honey." she said as the crowd of Stern show misfits oo-ed and ah-ed. Let this be a lesson to all you women out there, that your guy may become something great someday. If you dump him, then its only your loss...
At least this is what Howard wants Robin to realize!
The Stars at night, are big and bright...
and apparently so were Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling and "Bababooey" Gary Dell'Abate in Dallas, Texas' St. Patty's Day parade Saturday. Leaving New York Friday right after the show, Gary and Jackie, flew first class (at the suggestion of Jackie) from New York to Dallas. During the flight, Jackie , talkative as usual, carried on conversations with Gary, whose sleepy as usual. Most of the time, Jackie would stop mid-sentence to realize that Bababooey was sleeping.
"He looked like a blow-up doll... in that most people when they sleep have to lean on something... Gary just was there [sitting up straight]" showing tongue, teeth, gums, and all! The sight made Jackie drink. Upon arrival, they were put on KEGL 97.1fm for an hour plugging the following day's event, at which time Jackie told some pretty overly-airable jokes. On Saturday, two babe-equipped Jaguars carried Gary and Jackie, one car and model for each, down the streets of Dallas. The crowd was enormous, estimated at 30,000. Lining the streets were fans holding signs and wearing shirts saying "F! Jackie and Timmy", one going as far to say "I shot Timmy from the grassy knoll." The bright Texas sunshine turned Jackie into a lobster. Also, playing stump the jokeman to the crowd before the parade, Jackie lost is voice. Gary basically sat there and waved to the crowd and watched Jackie, even though they both got paid the same amount of money, rumored at around $6000. Needless to say, it was a quite humorous weekend for the two!
Oh bla dee, oh bla dah, life goes on
If one person didn't wanna feel this way, it had to be Corky (not his name but definitely his appearance). Corky called into the show Monday (3/18) to let Howard know about his Rocky relationship with his ex-wife and former Miss Howard Stern, Elayne Marx. Corky refuses to move on with his life, finding any excuse to see her. He used his daughter which proves this point, saying that when he receives her for visitation, Elayne sends her new boyfriend, a police officer to bring the 5 year old. He wants Elayne to come so he can see her and bother her even more! Corky says the police officer has been responsible for the last 7 times he's been jailed, and why his car was "sold" beneath him. He confirms this saying Internal Affairs was on the case, yet no charges have been filed against Elayne's new love and sex partner. Acknowledge and move on Corky. She's not worth it.
Elayne Marx

JFK Jr. stopped by on Friday to promote "his" magazine George, of which Howard graces the cover this week. He happened to stop by the same day Howard celebrated St. Patrick's Day with his Painting Of the Breasts day.
Andrew Dice Clay Jackie Martling cut down to size
as Andrew Dice Clay ripped him a new a-hole about things including Jackie's failed attempts at success, after Jackie cracked at Dice's thining hair, but even before that Jackie made a joke about how Dice lost his TV show and was now crawling back. Dice said "even Nancy has to pan-handle to make money for you" and "Still Making CD's in the basement?" among other things while plugging his upcoming HBO special "Assume The Position".

Movie Announcement Made Official
Tuesday 2/13 on Howard's show Ivan Reitman appeared as Howard made it official that production of the movie Private Parts, based on his best selling book, has been started by Paramount Pictures. Shooting begins as early as May, and plans are for a definite theatrical release by February 1997.
Has Fred finally had enough?
If you heard Friday's (2/9) show then I guess you heard the anger in Fred Norris' voice after viewing the video of Allison (his wife) in her latest role - another off-broadway play dry humping some guy who's obviously turned on, while Allison says she isn't turned on at all. Seriousness was in Fred's voice that divorce may be an upcoming issue if Allison's "career" doesn't go somewhere very soon. Here's what people thought about it...

 Divorce Her: 97
 Don't Worry: 36
    Kill Her: 33
       Other: 38
Some of my favorite "other" responses...
  • Make her work with scott the enginer for a week maybe she'll choke
  • Rub her with steak and throw her to a Rott Weiller
  • Paint her teeth green and give her to Bababooey
  • Make her listen to Sgt. Pecker repeatedly
  • Put her in a car and push it into a lake
  • Set the other guy up on Gay Dial-A-Date
  • Get a role in the same play and make out with someone else
  • Make her spent a night with Fred The Elephant Boy
  • Let Stuttering John talk some sense into her
  • Let her keep it up, maybe AIDS will get her
  • Turn homo - again

Blackwell Howard In Drag HOLLYWOOD (CNN) - Self-appointed fashion critic Mr. Blackwell tossed a gender-bender into his annual worst-dressed list released Tuesday. Radio personality Howard Stern, who appeared in drag on the cover of his best-selling book "Miss America," tops this year's ranking of worst-dressed list. "Let's face it, Howard's 'Miss America' drag looks like Godzilla impersonating Gypsy Rose Lee," said the acerbic guru of haute couture, who has appeared in the controversial talk show host's syndicated radio program. Asked why a man topped the list of the worst-dressed women, a spokesperson for Blackwell said if Stern dressed like a woman, he could be judged as a woman. He also pointed out that U.S. comedians Milton Berle and Flip Wilson had made previous lists. In fact, another male star who appeared on screen in drag -- Patrick Swayze -- came in for lavish praise. " ... One of the most beautiful visions of the year turned out to be Patrick Swayze in 'To Wong Foo ...' Go figure," Blackwell said.


That's right. New York's only classic rock radio station is no longer. Friday January 5th marked the first day of WXRK Krock's new Alternative "New Music" format. "All the people who listen while Howard's on the air, we want them to listen to us the rest of the day," Tom Chiusano, the station's vice president and general manager, said when asked why the radio station had changed its format (NY Times 1/7/96). Howard was so happy about this because for the first time in his life he got to watch everyone else get fired instead of him!! To celebrate, Howard stayed on the air till after 1pm playing his favorite tunes. Howard's "Radio Show" was carried in most markets until noon, including in Albany on The Edge. Too bad for those who enjoyed Max Kinkell or Pete Fornatell... They're gone! "Our hope is that everybody who is here can remain here.", Tom Chiusano told The New York Times when asked about the fate of the K-Rock jocks. Like those Classic Rock Hippies are gonna stay!! Expect a newer hipper radio crew and no more Elton John!!
Stuttering John Getting Married
On January 3, 1996 Stuttering John made the daring move to barge onto the airwaves interrupting Howard and Robin's Kathie Lee Christmas Special review to make the following announcement.
Howard... I'm getting married.
John will be marrying his girlfriend. He says he's been planning this since July. "I love kids" John said as he included the fact that his girlfriend is now three months pregnant. Howard and the crew made sure to welcome John to the End of your life club...
Stuttering John

Did anyone miss Letterman Wednesday Dec. 20? Dave
If so then you missed one funny performance from Howard.
The self proclaimed King Of All Media proved his title AGAIN as he once again drew huge ratings to Dave's slowly drifting-in-popularity format.
Howard appeared in drag, legs shaven and white gloved.
This time Stern, in order to get back at Jay, had two men kiss.
Although many were hoping for women again, the stunt was nonetheless hysterical.
Way to go Howard!!!
To see some of the hysterical shots from this show, go to Marshall's Page
Jay Leno If you saw Howard's Tonight Show appearance Thursday November 30 then I guess you saw that Jay Leno thinks he knows what we shouldn't see. Besides limiting our view of Howard's incredible stunts, including
Lesbian Kissing, Spanking, and interrupting Siskel and Ebert,
Jay decided to edit himself from the show. When Howard wouldn't quit acting "beyond the boundaries of good taste", Jay threw up his arms and walked off the show. Because not enough time was filled, he came back to record another segment. What we didn't see was the unbelievably babyish way El Chin-o reacted - walking right off his own show!!
Howard's remarkable appearance only proves that he is truly
The King Of Television

Taken from "Kathie Lee Gets Mad..."
  • One of [Kathie Lee's] most persistent and vehement critics is raunchy radio host Howard Stern, who has called her phony and hypocritical (and has used some stronger epithets as well), most recently in his best-selling book Miss America.
  • Gifford strenuously denies that she hates Stern. "If you love God, you love people," she says. "I always pray for those who decide to be my enemy." She has never met Stern or listened to his show, but she knows of his criticism. "If I disturb him because I'm everything he's not, it's the ultimate compliment. I wish him and his family well." Husband Frank, the long time Monday Night Football analyst, says he stays cool about the man who routinely--and profanely--savages his wife. "I couldn't care less about him," he says.

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