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Hi. I'm Brian, also known as 'DJ' Brian or 80s Man or HTML wizard or the single guy (?) or whatever. Hi!! Welcome to my new webpage. This page, since my freshman year of college is over, now runs off Marist's College's outdated 3090 IBM Mainframe computer. I also maintain the Sigma Phi Nothing Page, my Howard Stern page, the Harron Communications page, and now MusiQuest!. Please visit them while you're here, and email me and let me know what you think. Hope you like me and my big boat of a car! Thanks for stopping by! Oh, by the way, make sure you sign my guestbook before you leave. Thanks!

Wanna a Webpage as C O O L as this one?

To anyone seeing this page in the Poughkeepsie or Queensbury area,
I want to be your employee!!!
If you have any PAYING positions open in any computer-related fields where I will ACTUALLY be working on a computer for a majority of the job, please email me. Some of these may include such positions as Help Desk Operator, network assistant, something in Telecomm or Datacomm, or Webmaster (HTML programming). Also, jobs in communications like radio, TV, and cable are welcome. I am very adept in telephone and cable television wiring, as well as with radio. I will work during summer months and can commute!!!! Thanks.



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  • The New Unofficial Howard Stern Sounds Page - Continues the Krishna Legacy
  • The Caprice Page - I have one... everyone should!
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  • The Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign - Censorship Sucks!
  • The Barcode Maker That's right! Type in any UPC Number and get the barcode
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  • MadLibs - Madlibs Online!
  • Ten Reasons Why Scooby Doo was a Drug-Influenced Canine
  • Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary - Like, whatup?
  • From The Heart - This site may make you feel good, or go crazy...
  • The Tommy Boy Home Page - Hey! Sorry! It was a good movie okay?
  • The 100 Most Painful Things I Can Do To You - from Jeff
  • The Internet Movie Database - Look up anyone or anything in a movie
  • The Official TV Themes Home Page - Almost EVERY TV theme!
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  • Marist College - a fine institution!!!



  • Ethan Georgi (Death)
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  • Chris Cybulski (War)


  • Pete Blackbird (Horseboy)
  • Triffid (Bob)
  • Jeremy Hammond: The Phantom
  • John Vesci (Currently E-Mail Only) (Andy's cousin)
  • Lesley Hyland (Currently E-Mail Only) (My cousin)


  • Alyssa Maldonado and her Den...
  • Dan Reiser and his collection of stuff...
  • Jim Kutter and The Church Of Ice Cream
  • Patti Corley The Computer Society Dudette!
  • Rev. Jen Cleary (Jeff's "Girlfriend")
  • Mike Sabolcik
  • Steve Suhocki and his Unofficial Marist Hoops 95-96 page
  • Alan Wood (Mr. Microsoft®) and The Church Of Wa!

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