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Apparently there are people who care and don't care. Read these letters that were mailed to me...
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Scan of poem Mary wrote I guess maybe I should've read ahead...
    ...i told her i loved her...
    ...she knew i would not pass her by...
    ...she kissed me by the ocean...
    ...i held her by the sea...

I did everything...
Every fantasy fufilled...
she's done with me.

What else could I do wrong?
Or Right?

On December 10, 1995
Mary made the daring move to write me a letter and this is what it looks like...

How are you doin'?  How's school?  My school is just fine.

Listen.  I need to tell you something.
    I'm serious when I say this, I really do want you to go
out with other girls.  You're in college, I'm still in school.
You have a life.  I have a life over 2000 miles away and
I feel as though something is missing.  I know there are
thousands (maybe not as quite) of beautiful girls who
would probably die to go out with you.  We're being
selfish about each other and besides, I'm not going to
graduate for another 4 1/2 years.  I still have to go to college
and get a job, get my license, and so much more.  That's
like putting your life on hold for nothing, and that's not fair for
either one of us.  I would like to be friends with you and no
matter how much you hate this, I will still call you.
Please!  Go out with that one girl.  You guys seem to get
along so well.

Talk to me about the other girls.  I want you to be
with someone who is there with you.  I can't.  If I
lived in New York I still would.  I'd be there for you.
I sure do hope we will always be friends.  And just
to let you know I do, you can still wear my shirts I
left there.

Let me know anything.  Write, don't call (It's cheaper).
Tell me how everything is going.  I'd write more, but I've
got to get some sleep. It's 10:11pm, I'm tired.


If you care...
Actual letter first page
Actual letter second page

(From November 1995)
Us On A Bed There are some things you just can't help but wonder about. Like how did I, out of all the shy lonely geeks in the world, end up with her? It may seem like a question easily answered, except that it isn't. Mary lives over 1800 miles from here. With this distance between us, certain things are very difficult, as you can imagine. Us on a rock I knew it would be like this when I first got involved. That was over a year ago. Since then, I have only seen her three times, and have not dated anyone but her. I just don't want to. Mary is the most perfect girlfriend a guy could ever have. If words could explain the bond we share, you'd see them before your eyes at this very moment. What Mary and I have is so strong that it can not compare with anything else. I love you Mary!! Next time I see you expect the unexpected!

Pictures from summer of 1995, June 28 and July 1

How she used to feel
An excerpt from a letter she sent me just when I started college...
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"Brian. You are totally devoted to your girlfriend. I like that. I like that a lot." -Chris
From October `95
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