Brian I am a student at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. My hobbies include computers, obviously, and more importantly music. I Love Music. Especially 80's Music. I have been a disk jockey for over seven years now, collecting my own music, DJing parties and doing guest spots on My Family 1990 local radio stations at home, as well as my own station which now ceases to exist... kind-of anyway. You could say life has been pretty cool. Arriving at college in September brought computers into my life, basically taking it over. I went from knowing nothing to knowing about as much as everyone else knew... and lots more! (If that makes no sense keep in mind I had an Amiga before I got here). I am now an HTML freak... Also, I am a total Howard Stern fan. djbrian - Music For All Ocassions Think what you want about him, it's your right, just as its his right to think stuff about you! This summer plans to bring me into the world of professional radio... hopefully. If The Boat... my car everything works out as planned, you may be able to hear me on a real radio station. Getting there will be no problem - just hop into the plush seats of my boat (a 1985 Caprice Classic) and away we go! I broke up with my girlfriend Mary in December, or rather, she broke up with me. It was kind of a movie-type relationship considering we Mary went out for a year yet lived over 1800 miles apart. I loved her so much, and now she's gone... at least that's what I think. There will always be a part of her in my heart. Its been tough... Some say she's still eating away at my heart... who knows. Luckily there's finally someone new who cares about me, but she is far away now too... Is anyone out there willing to put up with me... locally!?!? ...Anyway, this web site basically is an expression of me. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments, please email them to me at Thanks for stopping by. See ya later.

This is my 17 year old brother Paul. He's almost done as a junior in High School! I can hardly believe that. He had his Junior Prom. I can't believe that either! Where has time gone? Anyway, I think he is a pretty cool kid, and an awesome brother!! Paul enjoys Mountain Biking, Golf, fish, ice hockey, as well as Raquet Ball and other numerous activities. He also has a very well-developed sense of humor!! He's trying to sell his car, a 1984 Jeep Wagoneer. If anyone's interested, Email me.
By the way, that's Sue, his date to the prom, in the pic with him...

Sally This is my mother. When we were little kids everyone would say she was the best mom out of anyone's. As we got older they would say she was okay. During the pre-teen years we were too busy goofing off to not think anything of her (unless she punished us). During high school, as our minds matured about as fast as our bodies, we started to realize something about our her that for years previous we wouldn't accept and denied, but now faced with the uncontrollable development of our minds and the ability to reason, couldn't disprove... the fact that our mother is crazy. Growing up around it doesn't help you notice it, but once we did we were so glad that out of all the crazy insane people in the world, she was the one that we called "Mom", because a truly insane mother is... well, never mind. What I meant to say is "We love you, Mom."
Click here to hear her say "uh-huh"!

Robyn This is my sister Robyn. She's a cool sister. Its hard to explain what Robyn likes. I guess she is like most her age... trying to get a good job and survive. She likes that weird classic-rock / folk type music and enjoys cleaning. Obsessive-compulsive? She says she hates it but she is always doing it... Anyway, she is currently planning on marrying her boyfriend Kane. They both live near my college somewhere. That's cool. Robyn, I guess, is an okay sister. She's definitely one of a kind!

Like, these are my cats.
Tigger and Sam.
Tigger is really fat and never fights back when crazy Sam attacks him for no apparent reason.
The Cats: Tigger and Sam

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