New picture from March 7, 1998 Many people have been wondering who the man is behind the name djbrian is, but keep in mind while you read this that Brian is a very different person depending on how well you know him. Enough of this third person crap, my name is Brian. I'm 21 years old, 5'8" (shorty) 128 lbs (skinny), Brown hair and brown eyes, blah blah blah... I am originally from Babbling Brook Lane, my neighborhood friends from Suffern Suffern, New York. When I was a kid, I seemed to be into just about the same stuff I'm into today! Might explain why I am who I am. In 6th grade my teacher Mr. Hoffman gave me the nickname "Mr. Wizard", not because I looked like Don Herbert, but because I knew how to get the VCR to play a tape. The name didn't stick unfortunately. Since I can remember I have always been a entreprenuer, having made my own stores like kool-aid stands, video rental, my own savings bank (which Eric Foster, Paul, and me in front of my old house.  I was 7 benefited it's customers with a one cent interest payment weekly!), miniature golf courses, a small scale arcade (Fantasy Island Fair), among others, and all before the age of twelve. When I was twelve, in 1989, my family decided that Rockland County was getting too dangerous, so they relocated the family to beautiful (in some ways) Queensbury, New York at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. Surprisingly, I was not upset about it, as you'd expect a 12 year old to be. My phone bills were high for a while after moving, that's for sure. I look back on it now and ponder how different things might have been had I not moved... it's funny how the mind subconsciously tries to keep you back in your childhood - my favorite movies of all time still are "Flight Of The Navigator", "Explorers", "Electric Dreams", "War Games", "Short Circuit", "UHF", "Amazon Women On The Moon", and lots more movies that I first saw when I was a kid. And, my favorite music stems from the 80s as well. I love 80s Music!! but I'll get into that later... So anyway, I graduated from Queensbury High School in 1995, barely thanks to Phys. Ed. (gym class). It was first period and I've always been a night owl... or at least not a morning person. Check my school attendance records all the way back to fifth grade and you'll see what I mean. Once I left Queensbury and then came back, I realized how much I'd rather NOT live there - one djbrian wearing 'DJ' Brian hat of my many influencing decisions to go to college downstate closer to where I had lived before, at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. I picked up the nickname djbrian during my first year there. My mother bought me this hat for my job deejaying parties. It's a big BRIGHT RED hat that says in big bright yellow letters DJ BRIAN. Days I didn't have time to shower or whatever I'd grab one of my two hats, one a Giants hat and one the "DJ Brian" hat. When I'd wear the hat people I didn't know would walk by me screaming "Hey! DJ Brian! Hey DJ!" The name stuck, and since it's become my online persona. Only recently have I seen other djbrian's popping up. I went to Marist College for a year and a half studying Computer Information Systems, which basically means the jobs stuck in between Computer Science (programming and hardware) and business. During my college career, I picked up the computer skills of MS-DOS, HTML, networks, LANS, Windows, and the understanding of IBM compatible computers, their hardware and functionality. Before college I knew absolutely nothing about computers, only AmigaBasic! Like I said, I am really good with computers and HTML now, and if you'd like me to write you a great web page you can email me at BriaNet Internet Designs! So, in college, the problem was that was all I was doing, along with my 80's radio show on the college station, was sitting in front of the computer. BriaNet (Animated Gif - my first and only) So, I neglected my college responsibilities in favor of staying up all night surfing the web, writing web pages, running BriaNet (my own web, ftp, and mail servers), listening to music, and NOT going to class. That's the primary reason I decided not to go back the last semester -- why waste more money just for a T-1 Internet connection and friends? (I get paid for that now.. but anyway) ... well, it seemed like a good idea, and if I didn't have any guilty feelings about spending all of my parent's money, I'd say it's great... College introduced me to the reality that there DO EXIST people who are like myself. I met lots of new cool people, people similar to me, a type of person that seldom exists in Queensbury. My friends and me made up our own fraternity in honor of our existence, Sigma Phi Nothing (Sigmah Pheye Nothing), a spoof on the nationally well known jock frat. The actual frat contacted me and made me change the name! They didn't want me to "slander" them! What dorks! Back to the DJ thing, I've basically been a disc jockey (or DJ wannabe) since I was 10, collecting music (especially 80s) and running my own radio station WBTN that now ceases to exist, but proved very time-occupying for me. It's just something MusiQuest:  Get your favorite songs on a cassette NOW! about me; when I get my mind set on something I dedicate my life to it (if only college were that way). From May 1992 until almost summer 1995 I tried to make the station my priority, it was fun! I've always loved music, started listening to the radio when I was 5 and have tapes to prove it! When I was ten or eleven, I'd spin records and play tapes into a Mr. Microphone that broadcast maybe a hundred feet from my room, so I guess you could kind of figure what I'd be doing ten years from then! I started deejaying parties when I was 14 and learned quickly how profitable it could be. The big bucks didn't come until later, though... With my knowledge of music and immensity of my music collection, I thought I'd try to sell some of it as well, and MusiQuest was born. Howard Stern Deejaying was one of my favorite hobbies, one that I'd like to use to make some money again if I could. Being so into radio, I started listening to Howard Stern in July 1993. Say what you want about him, I feel he is a good guy and extremely intelligent and funny, just like me. The problem with him is that people have these preconceived notions and can't look past them to see how nice and Andy funny he actually is, kind of like me... The Howard Stern Show is my favorite radio show, you can say I'm a loyal fan listening every day that I can. When I ran my own radio station WBTN was when I got my friend Andy into Howard. Based on Howard's style, Andy and I decided to start our own show, The Brian And Andy Show. This consumed my time for about 4 months in early 1994, it was truly a radio experience that actually sounded professional and almost real! -- a Mary and me true resumé addition. With the demise of the radio show in April, and school finishing up, summer arrived and I started my first job at The Great Escape. It was my first job, and during that summer of working I also began talking with Mary, the girl who lived two-thirds across the country that consumed my heart for the next 2 years. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time, money, and energy on Mary, only to be shut out of her life by her evil step-father who I'll ever-so conveniently The Boat, my Chevy Caprice name "Dick". That happened last summer (1996) after he realized how serious I was about her, when I did the most craziest thing I've ever done: drive my 1985 Chevrolet Caprice Classic (I love my car!) 1800 miles each way to see her. The first craziest thing I did (before that) was fly out to meet Mary for the first time in November 1994. I like to do crazy and somewhat spontaneous things. Haley It's kind of ironic that now I live only 35 miles from her, and we don't speak anymore... I still don't think she believes that I'm here. I've never been a Casanova of love, Mary was my second girlfriend, Haley was my first. Haley basically taught me everything about relationships in 2 seconds. It didn't take me 2 seconds to learn, just 2 seconds to start me learning -- when she dumped me. That was in 9th grade, February 1992. If you care, you can read about some of the girls that have affected my life (or most likely I affected their's more) on the Waves and Sounds Page. I'm single now... Like any other 21 year old guy, I'd like to have a girlfriend now (take that as an advertisement, girls). Call it a personality flaw of mine, when I try to relate with a girl I'm attracted to she, for some reason, ends up hating me. All the girls I've dated approached me first. Anyway, Summer 1995, after graduating from High School, feeling really great about myself, I parlayed my hobby of deejaying into a lucritive summer job, as well as doing cable-TV and telephone in-house wiring. I seem to have many talents... And thanks to my talents, January 1998 brought new promise to my life as I was offered a job working for Scottsbluff Networx and Inventive Media, an Internet Service Provider and computer repair business in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. The job, of course, I took immediately. It was the opportunity I had been waiting for, and even if it didn't work out, there was nothing for me to lose except the chance... I'm in Scottsbluff, Nebraska now and am very happy. I'd like to take this cyberspace to personally thank Matt Larsen for giving me this opportunity. Oh, I'm still djbrian. I tried getting rid of the nickname when I got here, but among the other two "Brian's" it got really confusing, New picture from March 7, 1998 so I started using it again! What else is there to say about me? I'm a warm, sincere, honest person. People say I'm extremely congenial and funny - of course, those are the people who really know me. Like I said in the beginning of this mind spooge, I'm a very different person depending on how well you know me... and no matter how well you know me or think you know me, one thing is always certain -- I am djbrian and there is no other like me!

I hope you have learned about me, 'DJ' Brian.
If you have any questions or comments, please email me at djbrian@slip.net.

This is my 19 year old brother Paul (next to Sue, the girl that ended up being the prom queen that night -- he's a real ladies man unlike me! Of course, they weren't going out...). I can hardly believe how fast time has passed, he's a Freshman at Adirondack Community College. I think he is a pretty cool kid, and an awesome brother!! Paul enjoys too much stuff that if I list it in a month it will be obsolete. He also has a very well-developed sense of humor!! He's basically an all-around 19 year old. Damn, what happened to me? (curious look)... Paul

Sally This is my mother. When we were little kids everyone would say she was the best mom out of anyone's. As we got older they would say she was okay. During the pre-teen years we were too busy goofing off to not think anything of her (unless she punished us). During high school, as our minds matured about as fast as our bodies, we started to realize something about our her that for years previous we wouldn't accept and denied, but now faced with the uncontrollable development of our minds and the ability to reason, couldn't disprove... the fact that our mother is crazy. Growing up around it doesn't help you notice it, but once we did we were so glad that out of all the crazy insane people in the world, she was the one that we called "Mom", because a truly insane mother is... well, never mind. What I meant to say is "We love you, Mom." (click here to hear her say "uh-huh"!)
My parents are cool. They definitely are two-of-a-kind! Growing up, they usually for the most part kind-of let us do what we want and be ourselves (sense the hint of sarcasm?) helping us become good individuals! I love my parents, even though I now know they weren't perfect, but who wants perfect parents right? Sure, they may have been the contributing factors of all their children's problems, but then again they may not have been! What am I saying? I guess what I'm trying to say is "HELLLP!", no!, that my parents are nuts and I guess as a result so am I. My parents

Robyn This is my sister Robyn. She's a cool sister. Robyn is a teacher in a school downstate. I think she teaches second grade, not sure. She has been happily married for 4 months now. Robyn, I guess, is an okay sister. She's definitely one of a kind! And now I'll have a new brother-in-law, he's cool too! Although she's 27 she still acts like she's 16, maybe that's why all the guys like her (sorry Robyn)! Actually since she got married she's become very mature, which is cool.

These are my cats Tigger and Sam. Tigger is really really fat and never fights back when crazy Sam attacks him. Sam is psychitsofranic (spelling?). Sam gets so jealous when he sees Tigger getting attention, he hisses and swats at Tigger. When they're not around us, they seem to get along great. The reason Tigger is so fat is because last year when our neighbors were covering their boat he happened to be in it. He wasn't released for a whole month! When he came screaming and meowing at our window he sounded terrible, and was so thin. He probably was down to about 5 pounds. No more of that, Tigger's now a hefty 17 pound lard-butt, but we love him! The Cats: Tigger and Sam

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