This is taken from a conversation I had with my friend Dan on Halloween night 1995.
If you have no idea what any of it means, then too bad

Remember that when you think you're down and out, and that life seemed to have passed you by, that someone is watching you; someone whom you'd least expect. And that person won't be able to keep it to themselves forever. And one day when you least expect it, they'll crack and you'll be so glad you didn't give up on yourself. Don't you know what this means... If not, try sitting in a basement for two years thinking that life sucks and you're a failure just cause your stupid first girlfriend dumped you and you feel sorry for yourself. And because of her you have to suffer and waste two years of your life thinking that its all your fault until suddenly, when you least expect it, someone you barely knew comes up to you and changes your life forever... or at least for the better...

At this point, I don't know what to think anymore... I'll just let things take care of themselves and hopefully if anything will ever happen my timing will coincide with hers. AND, as expected with her continuance of persuing me, she has ONCE AGAIN decided to separate. This rollercoaster ride is getting boring, predictable, and annoying... I'm glad I took the chance to get off of it. Now, I see what a bumpy ride it really was... AND ESPECIALLY, how my unpredictable action unpredictably turned the tables for both of us. She drove past me, stopped, and backed up... but I did not get into her car... she got out and got into mine
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