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 {An online archive of Daily Show things from 1998 - 2004}

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This website was created [at its old home at Geocites] on July 15th 2000
It moved to tripod on July 15th 2001
And then it moved to on October 23rd 2001. 
It was moved back to Tripod on July 9th 2002. 
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December 1, 2005 at 2:42 p.m.

What's New:

{as of December 1, 2005}
Two new transcripts:

"O" - Spring, 2005 (with Jon Stewart and Ed Helms)

"They Had My Parents!" Summer, 2004 (with Jon Stewart and Ed Helms)

{as of November 30, 2005}
My old Hewlett Packard is back on the road again, so I can at least make some (non screen capture) updates on the site, and work on a new layout every now and then.


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