1999: Jon's First Year



Not Pictured:
Nancy Walls 


The Daily View

June 17 1999

TDS' third anniversary

TDS' Summer Spectular 

The Hurricane Edition of TDS

The Greatest Millennium




  • The first episode of Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart premiered on January 11, 1999. If I'm not mistaken, I think Beth Littleford did a story on female midget wrestlers, and Michael J. Fox was the first guest Jon interviewed.

  • Vance DeGeneres' first appearance on Daily Show on January 14, 1999

  • Steve Carell's first appearance in March of 1999 (I think)

  • Vance DeGeneres' mom comes out with a book ("Love Ellen, A Mother Daughter Journey"). We all know about Vance's childhood traumas now. (little joke there, Vance) 

  • Former host Craig Kilborn premieres his own late night talk show on CBS. 

  • Jon Stewart in the movie Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. Quite possibly the highest grossing movie that Jon has ever been in.

  • The Daily Show does its last Summer Spectular.

  • The first episode (since 1996-ish) without an audience (see "The Hurricane Edition Of TDS" ) due to Hurricane Floyd.

  • Nancy Walls' first appearance on TDS in November (don't bet the farm on that date, I forget the exact month) 

  • The Daily Show goes to their first presidential candidate debate. John McCain says he likes their (Mo Rocca, Steve Carell, and Vance DeGeneres')  Indecision 2000 jackets.

  • 1996 presidential candidate Bob Dole becomes The Daily Show's election "pundit"

  • On December 15th, 1999 Frank DeCaro hosts a webcast with Jon and Vance DeGeneres, where fans questions are answered. Transcript here.

  • Later that same night, the hour long Daily Show special entitled The Greatest Millennium airs, with They Might Be Giants as a musical guest.


Beth Littleford 
Stephen Colbert 
Stacey Grenrock-Woods
Mo Rocca 
Vance DeGeneres 
Steve Carell 
Nancy Walls

Who Left:

One-Time Correspondents:
Laura Kitlinger
Jeff Stilson
Denny Siegal (2 or 3) 
Stuart Bailey
Rich Brown

Lewis Black
(Back In Black)
Frank DeCaro
(Out At The Movies)
Michael Bliden
(Ad Nauseam)
John Bloom
(God Stuff)
Rich Brown
(Public Excess)

"Beth and Vance Apologize - Sort Of" - March 22, 1999