2002 : The Year Rob And Ed Saved The Daily Show 






Frank DeCaro's Big "O" True West Hollywood Story



Matt Walsh Goes to Hawaii 





An On Air Guide To Getting On The Air  


"Halfway To the Whitehouse"




  • Steve Carell begins his pilgrimage to LA in January to start working on the NBC bomb "Watching Ellie" with Julia Louis-Dryfuss.

  • Rob Corddry becomes a correspondent in April. His hair scares people at first.

  • At 28, Ed Helms becomes one of the youngest Daily Show correspondents, joining the show in April.

  • Matt Walsh makes one of his final Daily Show appearances in the clip show special "Matt Walsh Goes To Hawaii" 

  • Ed Helms gets a large mole taken off his nose on TV in June.

  • In July, The Daily Show is nominated for three emmy nominations. They don't win any of them come September.

  • The Daily Show : Global Edition premieres on CNN International. The United States is blocked from seeing this show due to obvious reasons. 

  • In October, Lauren Weedman makes her final appearance. 

  • On October 28-31st, The Daily Show takes the show on the road for a week in Washington (called "Halfway To The Whitehouse") for the midterm elections. Rachael Harris joins The Daily Show as a new correspondent this week.

  • The Daily Show goes live for the third time for election night in November.

  • Mo Rocca becomes even more famous overnight by being in the Vh1 miniseries "I Love The 80's". His phone starts to ring off the hook, by  news networks wanting him to be their pundit for various things. This leads to Mo Rocca's decision to leave the show in 2003. 



Stephen Colbert 
Stacey Grenrock-Woods
Mo Rocca 
Steve Carell 
Nancy Walls
Matt Walsh
Lauren Weedman
Rob Corddry
Ed Helms
Rachael Harris

Who Left:
Matt Walsh (June)
Lauren Weedman (October)
Nancy Walls (last seen in July) 

One-Time Correspondents:
Mary Birdsong
Adrienne Frost

Lewis Black
(Back In Black)
Frank DeCaro
(Out At The Movies)

"What Really Goes on After TDS" - January 10, 2002

"Frosted Flake-itorial"
- January, 2002

"I Don't Want Any 'Poofs There"
- January or February, 2002

"Coming To The Daily Show : Three Minutes Ago"
- March, 2002

"Fourteen Going On Forty"
- August, 2002
"Ticks Anuses" - August, 2002

"Favorite Bush-isms"
- October, 2002 (real player)

"If I Wasn't A Correspondent" - October 2002 (real player)

"Undergarments" - October, 2002 (real player)

"Why We Are Covering the Midterm Elections..." - October, 2002 (real player)

"If Tom and Trent Got In A Fight" - (October, 2002)

"Ad Nauseam: Oh My God! I have Osteoporosis!" - November 18, 2002

"Back In Black: Christmas For The Rich"
- December, 2002