2003 : The Year The Cow Stopped Saying "MOO!"











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California Re-Decision 2003

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Elle Magazine
(added December 27, 2003)

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(added December 27, 2003)


  • Steve Carell comes back to The Daily Show for a little bit after a few month's absence in March. He does this every few months. Watching Ellie also came back again around this time, but it didn't work a second time around either.

  • Rachael Harris and movie critic Frank DeCaro become MIA from Daily Show in March. 

  • Stephen Colbert starts to appear in GM Goodwrench ads looking for Mr. Goodwrench. 

  • Unknown to us, Mo Rocca makes his final Daily Show appearance in June. He never got a proper goodbye.

  • Samantha Bee makes her first appearance in July. She is the first non-American correspondent. 

  • In August, Ed Helms had the privilege to host a half hour long behind the scenes special of The Comedy Central Rose Of Denis Leary. 

  • The male correspondents of the show get their first fashion photo shoot in Men's Magazine in August.

  • Everybody actually believed that Rob Corddry or Ed Helms was going to get kicked off of Daily Show during a half hour clip show  "I'm A Correspondent, Please Don't' Fire me!" on Labor Day.

  • The Daily Show correspondents land on the cover of the Independent magazine Stop Smiling. 

  • The Daily Show goes live in October for the California Recall Election Special.

  • Jon lands on the cover of Entrainment Weekly in October. 

  • In November, Stephen Colbert loses his composure on camera doing something that involves a banana

  • Around this time, Bob Wiltfong is added to The Daily Show roster list on imdb.com, but as of the time I'm writing this (February, 2004) he has still not made an appearance. 

  • In December, The Daily Show got a much needed new opening sequence.

  • Also in December, Jon landed on the cover of Newsweek, and had an interview in Elle magazine.



Stephen Colbert 
Stacey Grenrock-Woods
Mo Rocca 
Steve Carell 
Rob Corddry
Ed Helms
Rachael Harris
Samantha Bee

Who Left:
Rachael Harris (March)
Frank DeCaro (March)
Mo Rocca (June)
Stacey Grenrock-Woods (October)

One Time Correspondents:

Lewis Black
(Back In Black)
Frank DeCaro
(Out At The Movies)

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