1.) What do you watch other than The Daily Show: 
The Simpsons
(I only watch them in Syndication now. I haven't seen a new episode in about a year. I just don't like them as much as the old ones. My favorite episodes would have to be "Lisa's Subistute" and the Christmas episode where Bart steals Bonestorm from Try-N-Save and gets caught.)

South Park
(I think my favorite 'replacement friend' for Kenny would have to be Tweek) 

Family Guy
(I think my favorite episode was the one where Meg had a crush on the newsman, Tom Tucker, that and the one where Meg joins the flag girl squad at school) 

Mystery Science Theater 3000
(I finally got into this show like four years after sci-fi cancelled it. My favorite is one from the sci-fi era, Boggy Creek II, The Legend Continues, but to be fair, my favorite one from the Comedy Central era is Mitchell. I do have some of the more rare Comedy Central ones, but there is just something about Mitchell. And I don't get into that Joel or Mike mess. They both had good qualities. 

Good Eats
(I never thought I'd record every episode of a cooking show, but that show is more than a cooking show) 

Strangers (I loved this show when I was a little kid. I got really excited when I saw that Nick at Nite was showing it at 4 a.m. in the morning, but sadly they just stopped doing that right when I started to get into the show again. Coousin' Larry's hair scared me when I was a little kid, but now that I'm older, Mary Ann and Jennifer's hair scares me now.) 

Head Of The Class (I watched this show in syndication for a short period when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I recently found that Nick At Nite shows the show right after Perfect Strangers. But like with Perfect Strangers, Nick at Nite pulled the show for their summer program, or something. And in case you're wondering, Simone and Dennis are my favorite characters. )

2.) Favorite Movie: 
I don't go out to the movies a lot. (in fact I haven't been to a theater since 1999) But my favorite movies are Office Space, Election, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 : The Movie. 

3.) Name One Product You Hate.
Tivo. I worry that Tivo is going to make VCR's obsolete, and I need my VCR. NEED. And according to a friend of a friend, you can't set the Tivo for for say 11:58 p.m. (because lets face it, most TV shows don't start exactly on the hour), you have to set it for 12:00, and you miss the first minute or two of a show. Maybe they've improved on this.

4.) Favorite Video Game Console?
I still have an Atari and an old Nintendo, and one of those old brick-style game boys. I love my Atari. My dad bought it for me at the thrift store when I was 10 years old, and I recently found it again. You can't find the games for them anymore at my local thrift stores anymore. If you were to put a game cube, xbox or playstation in front of me, I wouldn't know what to do.

5.) Name One Thing You Want To Do.
I have two. I want to build my own computer one day, I want to build a nice computer. Not some crappy thing that can't do anything. I also want to get an ibook Apple powerbook one day. But I'm afraid that all the stuff I do is "windows only".