A list of Daily Show Captions that I've composed of from over the years of Daily Show. 

(in no order)

I've noticed that the funny captions thing (for newsmakers during "headlines") ended in early 2000. Maybe we see one once a year or so, but they just don't do it anymore.

Denise Austin: She's no Kiana

James Burrus, FBI: Always Gets His Housewife

Rep. Tom Delay: NRA Lackey

Vance DeGeneres: Guns For A Concerned Media

Beth Littleford: United Americans Stating Media's Concerns. 

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson: Chained to His Desk

Ed Helms: Host, "The Daily Show's Scandals and Mysteries"

Stephen Colbert: Senior

Vance DeGeneres: Chief Metrological Correspondent

Mayor Rudy Giuliani: Is Really Mean...Shh...Its a Secret

Lauren Weedman: Managing Editor, Daily show "Roxx" Magazine

Matt Walsh: Senior Aviation Expert

Stephen Colbert: Chief Theological Correspondent

Nancy Walls: Chief "Survivor" Correspondent

Miriam Tolan: Attractive But Sexually Non-threatening Financial Analyst.

Steve Carell: Gaywad

Mo Rocca: Chief Lite Relaxing Music Correspondent

Andrew Ramsbottom: His Real Name

Rob Corddry: Chief Soccer Correspondent

Matt Walsh: Money Bunny

Paula Jones: White Noise

Mo Rocca: Senior Podium Reporter

Ed Helms: Cracker Barrel

Steve Forbes: Has Flat Tax Fever

Sean-Michael Cousteau: Has a Watered Log

Willie Fulgear: Winner, Best Salvage Man

Chris Nativi: Makes His Own Gravy

Bill Gates: The Last Emperor

Prof. Paul Rothstein: Commodore 64 user

Mo Rocca: Senior Mountain Time Zone Off Year Congressional Election Analyst

Steve Carell: Media Watchdog

Stephen Colbert: Marshall McLuhan Professor of Broadcast Media Culture at Vassar

Nancy Walls: Founder, "Pregnant Citizens Against The First Amendment"

Steve Carell: Senior Alternative Lifestyles Correspondent

Ken Cooper: Surprisingly Does Not Like Cats

Katie Woman: Very Sane Lady

Marsha Simmons: Has An Opinion On Everything

Janet Reno: 10:00 p.m. Show Already Sold Out

Bill Clinton: Tsk, Tsk, Tsk...Kaki After Labor Day?

Dan Quayle: Not A Smart Man

Al Gore : America's Number Two

Ed Helms : Senior High School Athletics Correspondent

Mo Rocca: Chill-Meiser

Vance DeGeneres : Right Outside Our Studio

Miriam Tolan : Citizens Offering Critical Knowledge. (C.O.C.K)

Stephen Colbert : Maritime Correspondent

Steve Carell : Senior Reporter

Steve Carell : Chief Internet Domain Analyst

Vance DeGeneres : In House Martian Expert