Finally, there is another option than paying your utility company for power! And, going solar has never been easier!

If you live in the above states* and are a customer of one of the utilities listed above, you can absolutely own a solar PV system and save upwards of 50% off your electricity bills over the next twenty years (based on eligibility of incentives).

Net metering rules changed last year allowing you to be able to keep any power you generate to be used by you when you need it. The grid becomes your battery! Combine this with the state and federal incentives available, and you can essentially swap out your utility payment for a solar payment. You're paying for power every month as it is. Instead, start paying towards owning your own power plant that will reliably produce power for up to 40-50 years. And, your solar payment will be a fixed payment (10-12-15 year terms), which is something your utility will never promise you! This means that you will start to see savings almost immediately (based on average utility increases of 4% each year). After you pay off your system, you own it. It keeps working!

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Logos and trademarks copyright their respective owners. By submitting your information you agree to be contacted by a Qualification Specialist from Apex Solar Power. *Services available in area shown above except Buffalo, NY and points west; New York City or on Long Island, NY; Boston, MA; southern New Jersey, or areas served by municipal power companies whose rates are lower than average and / or interconnection agreements differ as to make solar not economically beneficial.

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