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Is your computer not running the way you'd like it?
Did you buy a new CDRW or zip drive and need someone to install it for you?

These and all questions about your computer can be answered by Capital District Computer Services. Whether you need a new peripheral installed or are having a problem with a peripheral already installed, we're there to help you and your business.


If you have a specific need we can help you decide what software is right for you. Our extensive experience with various software makes us your source for information about software.


Capital District Computer Services can get you the hardware you need to make your computer work, or make your network run. Available upon request are ethernet NIC cards and hubs, modems, video cards, sound cards, memory, processors, monitors, motherboards, cases, and more. Some items in stock, contact us for availability.


Get your computer up to speed with an evaluation from Capital District Computer Services. Computer Upgrades availble for 486 through Pentium class systems which include processor, memory, modem, and optionally hard drive and memory increase.

Contact us today to find out if your dinosaur is worth bringing up to speed. No Obligation.

Business Solutions

Problems with your computer or network can be costly, decreasing productivity and causing headaches. Capital District Computer Services can troubleshoot your problems, and recommend cost-effective solutions to get your personal or business back on track.

WinRoute Peer to Peer Networking Software

Capital District Computer Services is an Official WinRoute Reseller!

Winroute enables a local area network with only Internet access on one computer to share the Internet connection with the entire LAN!! Winroute works with Windows 95 through Windows ME and Windows NT.

You may have seen the new feature Internet Connection Sharing built into Windows 98 SE and Windows ME which provides similar function, but if you don't have Windows 98 SE or would like increased logging, control over access, and ease of use then Winroute is right for you! Click here for more information!

Other Services

Telephone Jack Installation:
    includes service work, jack and wiring, troubleshooting and travel. No fee for estimate on site.
    Estimated cost $60/complete.
DISH Network / DSS Satellite Dish Installation:
    includes service work, troubleshooting and travel. No fee for estimate on site.
    Estimated cost $80/complete. Customer must provide installation kit.

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