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Windsor-Smith Adds Original Artwork to Web Site

08.18.2000 -- Barry Windsor-Smith has added a section of paintings, drawings and sketches for sale to his web site.

Windsor-Smith Studio manager Alex Bialy told Comic Book Galaxy News the additions were made due to the request of BWS's fans.

According to Bialy, "We will be adding more originals very soon, with an emphasis on variety. As always, you can e-mail me with any requests for originals or vintage BWS prints that are not yet posted on the site."

JMS Inks Movie Deal

08.16.2000 -- Variety reports J. Michael Straczynski's Rising Stars series is in line to be released as a major motion picture.

The industry trade journal reports MGM has signed a deal with JMS to write the film. He is the creator of the TV series Babylon 5 and has extensive experience in Hollywood.

The film is slated to be the first part of a trilogy of films.

Rising Stars is about over 100 people who receive special powers, each different from the others. When one dies, the others all receive a boost in power. And someone is killing off the "Specials."

JMS told Variety "What I tried to do with this story is take all the tropes and cliches of comic books and turn them on their heads."

Rising Stars is published by Joe's Comics/Top Cow/Image.