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Modified current exit 18 (soon to be exit 198 yay)
November 30, 2009

Interstate 387 with direct connection of I-87 with US 9 just south of the Coopers Cave Bridge. Would be entirely new roadway, and consist of 5 new overpasses, one of which would cross the Hudson River. And, since this is New York, it can end at US 9 with a round about.

The new Exit 18...linking to a spur interstate the connects the Northway with downtown Glens Falls, Hudson Falls, to Route 4 as an expressway meeting the Vermont border, and possibly Corinth.

Exit 20 would also be a northerly expressway which would meet up with this one northeast of the city.

This is a project I designed in 2001. It would not be possible now, thanks to the apartment/townhouse complex on Meadowbrook, which, of course, only compounded our growing population problem and the clogging of local roadways. Also, let's not forget Indian Ridge and the Cronin expansions too, which put more cars concentrated into smaller areas. This highway would also address an extreme segment of bypass traffic that is in our town just to go through it. Traffic going to the ever-expanding Kingsbury area would be removed from our surface streets, as well as truck traffic going through our community to get to Vermont and New England (which would have utilized Interstate 92, had it been built).

You'd think for every unit of housing they'd plan for more cars on the roads.

The adage that more roads brings more traffic couldn't be farther from the truth. It's logic and common sense people...

More People brings more traffic.

and the only way to stop more cars from being on the roads, aside from an efficient and clean public transportation system (which is next to impossible in this setting unless you plan to run a high speed train to everyone's doorstep with direct routes for each household), is to stop any influx of people. Good luck getting that idea out there.

Quaker Road Light Timings (March 4, 2005)

Very simple, would happen to work...
(Read this USA Today article if you need convincing.)
  1. All lights on Quaker road from the Northway to Ridge Rd are green at the same time for 180 seconds. (If from the Northway is not feasible, from Route 9 would be adequate).
  2. When red, all cross streets are left turn green for 20 seconds. If no cars are making opposing left turns, straight-through traffic may begin with the side that is making the turns.
  3. All cross street lights are green for 40 seconds.
  4. Then, all Quaker Road left turn green for 30 seconds. If no cars are making opposing left turns, straight-through traffic may begin with the side that is making the turns.
  5. An additional 20 seconds may be added for pedestrian crossings at all intersections if needed.
  6. Allow NO right turns on red from traffic-signaled cross-streets onto Quaker Road.
  7. Increase speed limit to 50 M.P.H.
  8. Increase left turn lanes to hold additional cars or add additional turning lanes for major intersections with Route 9 and Hannaford.
You would be able to drive from the northway to Ridge street without stopping, in theory. And, if you get stuck at a red light driving through, you are guaranteed that that is the only one you'll be stopped by.

Simple things we could do NOW (March 4, 2005)

  1. Bay Rd from Quaker to the Glens Falls line: Center turning lane for the entire length. The space is already there. An even better improvement would be to continue the center turning lane into the city to Lexington. (note: can't do this as easily now because Queensbury put up guard rails around the bike path crossing at Bay Rd.)
  2. Move the Quaker Rd. Hannaford entrance and signal across from Fleet Bank entrance. Require CVS plaza, Hannaford, and Aldi for combined access by creating a "frontage" road connecting the plazas, to Aldi in front of or behind it (wherever space can be utilized). Make all three centers utilize one light and entrance. Remove current driveways for Hannaford, CVS, and Aldi plazas.

    Another better alternative would be to remove the entrances from establishments along Quaker road entirely, and construct rear access roadways that interconnect on the streets off of Quaker Rd. A three lane road (2 lanes with center turning lane and right turning lanes where needed) would run from Queensbury Plaza following Bank St, connect to Lafayette, Glenwood, and Bay behind the establishments. Traffic on Quaker Road would be through-traffic only. This roadway would continue past Bay all the way down to Ridge where it could continue and merge back with Quaker Road. On the other side of the road, Glenwood can be utilized for this with a roadway behind or in front of Lowes and Hoffmans. It could utilize space on the existing right of way because the middle turning lane would not be needed between intersections. Lighted, timed intersection points would be Lafayette, Glenwood, Bay, Meadowbrook, and Ridge.

    Imagine being able to drive seemlessly across Queensbury, yet have storefront access between stores without going into the main road. Storefronts would be connected by 2 lane "frontage" roads allowing access to all the stores without going into Quaker Rd. Communities all across the country smartly implement these frontage access roads allowing unincumbered traffic flow on the main routes. Access is controlled at key interchanges.

    (An example is here, Scottsbluff, Nebraska. The main route US 26 is a concrete, limited frontage access, median separated 4 lane highway that has strategically placed timed traffic lights. The yellow lines represent the frontage roads and intersections that are utilized to travel between stores in the northern part of the city, while not having this local traffic interfere with traffic just bypassing the city).

    The guardrails are there for affect, they would not necessarily be on a realistic route like this.
    This is a majestic view you can't see because there are no raised roadways in this area.

    One spot you can see all of Glens Falls is the Northway just above exit 20, but the growth blocks the view. That area was to be the stack-like interchange for interstate 92, which would have been constructed parallel to NY 149 on the southern-facing ridge of French Mountain and provided a breath-taking view of the Glens Falls valley region.

  3. Build a pedestrian bridge over the northway and ramps that would allow unincumbered walk-access.
  4. Sign the lanes coming up Aviation Road for "I-87 south" over the left lane just before the Friendly's mall entrance.

Glens Falls Metro
Circumferential Highway
Proposal (2004)

If only there was a way to get to any place in the Glens Falls area like this!

Click on picture or here.

Here is another idea for a bypass and circumferential highway system that would serve the local community nicely. It involves a Quaker Rd extension that crosses the Hudson, interchanges with 197, Harrison Rd Extension, NY 32, NY 197, and US 9. Also included is an outter loop which allows direct truck access from the Northway to US4 without going through Queensbury local streets, downtown Glens Falls, or Hudson Falls.

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