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  1. Drop the Rock: Lobby Day on the Rockefeller Drug Laws,
    March 27 2001, Albany

    --added 3/14/2001

    Join Greens and others to lobby legislators about the Drug Laws. Tell them the discrimination, harsh sentencing and conditions, and continued growth of the prison industry can't go on!

    From the Drop the Rock Web Page:

    The Time is Now to Repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws. The Rockefeller Drug Laws are wasteful, unjust, ineffective, and racially biased. Enacted in 1973 when Nelson Rockefeller was governor, the Rockefeller Drug Laws require harsh prison terms for the possession or sale of relatively small amounts of drugs. The harshest provision of this statute mandates that a judge impose a prison term of no less than 15 years to life for anyone convicted of selling 2 ounces or possessing 4 ounces of a narcotic substance. The penalties apply without regard to the circumstances of the offense or the individual's character or background, making it irrelevant whether the person is a first-time or repeat offender.

    On Tuesday, March 27th, people from around New York State will gather in Albany for DROP THE ROCK DAY, a Day of Education and Action, to demand that policy makers repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Winona LaDuke to Speak in Upstate New York, March 29 Geneseo College Geneseo College Greens report that that 2000 Green Party VP candidate Winona LaDuke will be speaking on the Geneseo College campus, Thursday March 29th at 730 PM. Mark this on your calendars! Geneseo is about an hour south of Rochester.

  2. Regional Green Organizing Conference at SUNYA on Sat. March 31
    --added 3/21/2001

    The Capital District Greens and Campus Greens will hold an organizing conference on "Building a Green America" on Saturday, March 31 at the uptown SUNY Albany Campus, 1400 Washington Avenue. The conference will be in the Rooms 131 to 134 of the Social Science Building (behind the Library on the Podium area) from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

    The conference, which is free, will feature workshops on green history, campus organizing, Electoral reform, Globalization, Genetic Engineering, Military Budget, Children, Green History, The Drug War, Green City Project, Independent Media, and building coalitions among labor and environmental groups. The conference will also provide training to candidates who are interested in running on the Green Party line in this fall's elections.

    The Greens are commited to ecology, grassroots democracy, nonviolence and social and economic justice.

    For more information, call 286-3411.

    1:00    Welcome and Introductions
            Overview of Green History
            Welcome from and to Campus Greens
    1:30    Workshop Session 1
            Green Candidates: 
            Getting on the Ballot, Reporting and Legal Requirements - Mark Dunlea; Nora Brennan
            Campus Greens: Plenary and Organizing Session
            Workshops:  Green History
            Sprawl and Poverty - Peggy Rockwell
    2:30    Workshop Session 2
            Green Candidates: Fundraising and Media - Mark Dunlea
            Campus Greens: How to Do Civil Disobedience -
            Workshops: Globilization - Steve Breyman
            The Drug War; News from Columiba - Warren Redlich; Karl Breyman
    3;:30   Break
    3:45    Workshop Session 3
            Green Candidates: Get Out the Vote, 
            Volunteer Recruitment - Mark Dunlea
            Campus Greens: Organizing Priorities; Summer Campaigns (Plenary)
            Workshops: Greens and the Labor Movement - Bill Peltz, Joe Lombardo
            Genetic Engineering -
            Children - Sheldon Carnes, Sylvia Barndard
    4:45    Workshop Session 4
            Green Candidates:  Starting and Building a Green Local
            Workshops: Green City Project - Steve Breyman
            Electoral Reform - Joe Seeman
            Social Entrpreneurial - Keith Woodward
            Independent Media - Steve Pierce

  3. No More Candy Store: How Corporations Get a Sweet Deal on Your Tax Dollars & Sour the Environment - A Corporate Accountability Conference & Carnival
    May 6 & 7, 2001 in Albany, NY

    --added 3/14/2001

    Including : Sweatshop Campaigns, WTO Protests, Unsafe Working Conditions, Genetically Modified Organisms, Corporate Welfare Abuse, Polluter Cleanups Join labor, environmental, student & social justice activists from across NY to build the movement, publicize our issues & have fun! We need creative people to help with a fun media event! The Corporate Welfare Carnival features such booths as the Corporate Welfare Wheel of Misfortune and more! (Contact us for a full list and a chuckle). Agenda includes: Outreach, Workshops, Carnival Booths, Draft Conference Brochure, Group Sponsors, Possible Concert and Fundraising. The event is sponsored by labor, environmental, student, social justice and community groups, including over 20 groups in the NYS Labor & Environment Network. For more information, please contact Anne Rabe at Citizens' Environmental Coalition (CEC), 518-462-5527,