The Hammond Home Pages have become to popular. AND YOU! can take advantage of this. We are looking for sponsors to support us buying a Virtual Server. You can addvertise your web page or we can provide you with a homepage. Our Counter read at over 300 users a day. This is your chance to give you bussiness a High Tech Feel! A New Media! A cheaper Media. Please leave E-Mail to Jeremy at [email protected] Any money recived will go to the Hammond Homepages Virtual Server. If you would like to dedicate a little space on your server. Or provide us with space on your server please send us e-mail. We need the Support.

The Packard Bell Home Page and The Phantom of the Opera Homepage will be down for an unknown amount of time until we can buy a Virtual Server or space is provided for us. Which ever way we do this full credit will go to thoughs who help.

The Cost of a Virtual Server is 150 a month. 300 Setup. Via NetHeaven we will make or you can provide a web page you would like posted. As long as it is tasteful. You can addvertise Etc. If you enjoy our web pages at all please let us know.

Please Send Any Donations To.....

Jeremy C. Hammond

873 Sherman Ave.

Queensbury New York

Include a Disk with a Web Page, Picture, or any other type of Media of your choice if donation is over 50$.