History of the Outer Banks

North Carolina's Outer Banks are part of a long chain of barrier islands stretching from Virginia to the Dry Tortugas in the Gulf of Mexico. Devoid of fresh water with a constant shifting of sand and frequent overwash by the Atlantic Ocean, they were not suitable for habitation, at least not for very long. Over many long years, giant sand dunes have built up with constant wind pressures changing the landscape on a daily basis. Visitors to the Outer Banks today could never imagine what the islands were like in the early days, now with modern roads, bridges and ferry boats but the history of the Outer Banks goes back to the first days when our country was new.

Early American settlers, pirates, the first powered flight and the first wireless telegraph are just a few of the many stories of the Outer Banks - a land steeped in tradition and history.

And it all began right here, on the North Carolina Outer Banks.

Outer Banks History Time Line