Temporary #2
By Damon Hurd and Rick Smith
Published by Origin Comics; $2.95 USD

The oddness and whimsy of the first issue turn a little dark in this second outing, as Hurd and Smith send temp worker Envy Saint-Claire on a new gig cataloging evidence for a police department that houses at least one seriously troubled cop.

Hurd and Smith take some chances in this issue, including not bringing the lead character Envy onto the stage for much of the first half of the issue, and even more noteworthy, creating a disorienting but ultimately successful visual/narrative device to depict the mental problems of the cop whose day ultimately intersects with Envy's in ways she'd probably rather it didn't.

After two issues, I am really enjoying Hurd and Smith's exploration of Envy and the people in her world. I'm also enjoying how these two notable artcomix creators (Hurd is perhaps best known for My Uncle Jeff, while Smith is the co-creator of Shuck) are working together to tell a story that neither one of them could likely tell on their own. Grade: 4/5

-- Alan David Doane

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