Brian's Experience at PC Expo, NYC June 24/25

Hey! You!... yes, you!
How would you like to win a Novell T-Shirt?

How would you like to win MORE than a T-Shirt!!!.

Does anyone realize how obnoxious I am?
And that I make more money than all of you?
I'm a Regis wanna-be :-)

We're giving out free RedHat CDs to those who get in line,
while supplies last...

...did somebody say free?
Shit, let's get in line for the FREE STUFF!

Gather 'round for the big Palm Pilot Giveaway!
We're going to draw names from this HUGE box of entry cards!!

Brian Florence!!!...

5!!!! .... 4!!!! ....
3!!!! .... 2!!!! ....
1!!!! ....

Brian Loses!!! Who's next?!