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Pete's Web Page

This is the home of REALLY stupid inside jokes.

Who am I?

Most everybody who will be looking at this page will probably know me, but for those who don't my name is Pete. I a'm new on the internet and don't know all that much about computer's. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not completely illiterate. Any way, some friends of mine helped me out and showed me the ropes. My computer is pretty bad, It is 486 50Mhz SX/2 (Packard Bell which makes it all the worse.) I just upgraded to 8 megs of ram and put in a 28.8 modem. The dang thing only likes to go at 26.4 sometimes. I've got to get my internet account working, mabey today.

Nope, That's not me folks.

Some hobbies and interests

This will be a big paragraph. Well obviosly I have a lot of intrest in computers unfortuntely I don't always have enough patients to cope with them. I really enjoy horseback riding, it's probably what I do best. I've been riding english for 5 years now. I just got a saddle for christmas, it's a Wintec, I've only gotten a chance to use it once though. I'm turning 16 soon so I'm in the market for a car. Cars have been a lifelong obsession for me, when I was a little kid (3 or 4 years old) I could tell you every car that passed by in the oncoming lane no matter how heavy the traffic was. Everyone thinks that I'm strange because of this, but, I always have and always will love big old boxy boats on wheels. I've never been able to shake this, I'm doomed to liking something that everyone's grandfather would drive. And what's even worse is that I like them in the station wagon version better. I remember having people ask me when I was in elementary school what I would rather have, a Corvette or Mustang, I would always relpy "neither, I'd rather have a an '84 Cutlass Crusier, like your mom has." I used to get some pretty strange looks. Anyway, I manage our schools basketball team with Phantom, when I figure out how to put up Lynx up there will be one to his page. B-ball takes up a good portion of my life during the winter. I also do lots of stuff with audio euipment, I've been trying to learn more about car stereo, but its tough when you don't have your own car to screw up on first. I do some other stuff but that would bore you to death.

Friends and Family (Like MCI)

The Fam

The Boy My little brother, unlike most siblings we get along great.
The Parental Units My mom is always, or almost always happy and my dad is, umm, well, we love him too.

The Social Life

Flo-B* Drives a big yellow Caprice, and makes like a Seinfeld and dates a 14 year old.
Fatty*** The big ugly, better known as SPAMmond, I manage with him.
Triffid* The "how'deknowdat" man, you got a 'puter question ask him.
Jakeie** He's like the neighborhood spaz, we raise more cain than Mike Faye.
Kris "the snowbank" Swanson We love her because she's got wheels, na, just kidding. The blond that Spam and I manage with.
Monkey** Our hitman that works for peanuts, or should I say bananas.
Zack* He's kind of mysterious, if I remember correctly he's the adobe source.
* denotes web page
** denotes dork
*** denotes ugly, stupid, opra listening, really fat, dork with web page.
There's a big ol' gif of him on Flo-B's web page.

My name is Pete. This is my page. Deal with it. Mail me and let me know what you think.

This page was written using Hotdog with help from Brian Florence