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Picture 1: Even from the beginning I was adorable!! Picture 2: This is the picture of last year's TFC camp, which would have been '98. It was my second year I attended camp. I think each year I go to camp it gets better, and I sure hope to make it next year!


Picture 1: This would have to be Kevin trying to show how strong he is in front of my unlce ! Picture 2: Kevin and me just standing by the Christmas Tree on Dec. 98


My Life As a Summary

I grew up in small town Nebraska life. I have two brothers, one attending Southeast Community College in Lincoln, the other about to graduate. I have three dogs, one of which is so adorable. My dog's name is Snuggles. She is the biggest sweetheart and wins my heart over any cat in the world. She waits up in the wee late hours for me to finish my homework in the computer room. She waits for me to get home from school EVERY day! I got her two years ago and she has had two puppies. Next, I did have a bird that talked and even said "I love you Staci", yes believe it or not. Unfortunately, the bird got loose and was never to be found again. I am a junior in High School. Yes, all of the senior responsibilities like visiting and chosing my college are starting to occur. One thing has linked me to all of my very good friends in Kansas. GOD! I attended mission trip to Cary, Mississippi, on June 3, 1998. It was one of the best experiences I have had working with people. I met so many good friends on mission trip that I will NEVER forget. Who could forget all of the good times at TFC Camp? I'm soon going to dedicate a page that only has TFC camp pictures on it from the past, hopefully I'll get that done within the next month. Also, who doesn't know about my prize winning car. If you have never seen it, I pitty you! This car is the biggest piece of junk, but the biggest love of my life. Yes, it's embarrassing to say I drive a 1982 Citation, but I love the car, what can I say. PLUS, I've gotten it paid for, not many can say that about their own.

I'm starting to get what is called the "Growing Up" feeling. It's come on especially since the beginning of my junior year. More responsibility, I know. Hey, all enjoy my page and I'm trying to get some more made about events and a photo albumn constructed as soon as we get our scanner. Check out all of my hot links! Love all of you lots.


Current Update as of April 2, 1999~ I have gotten a new car! It's a 1998 Dodge Stratus. My parents are making the payments until I leave for college and then it's all mine. I can smell summer in the air, which means tons of camps and my job. I was chosen to represent my town by the American Legion to attend Girls' State held in Lincoln, Nebraska, June, 6-12. That is my first camp. My second camp will be TFC Camp near the end of July. My third camp (hopefully) will be the Rotery Club Leadership Camp near the beginning of August.

Picture 1: Me and my really good friend Carm at the fall-nighter in Oberlin. I've known Carm for two years, but really got to know her over Mission Trip last year. We've tried to keep in contact really well because she lives in Kansas and of couse me in Nebraska! Picture 2: This picture is my first dozen roses from a guy! I like it of course because my two wonderful dogs Snuggles (left) and skittles (right) are in the picture.

My favorite bands/songs:

  • Dixie Chicks (this one is SO good) - all good style country music!
  • KC&Jo Jo : All My Life
  • Jennifer Knapp: Martyrs & Thieves
  • Jars of Clay: Much Afraid
  • Forest Gump Soundtrack (ROCKS)
  • My Best Friend's Wedding Soundtrack
  • My favorite foods/places to eat:

  • chicken alfredo/best at Perkins
  • Red Lobster
  • Burger King
  • Arby's
  • Chinese/wong tong soup J
  • My favorite Movies/TV shows

  • *Ever After*
  • *First Knight*
  • *While You Were Sleeping*
  • *Felicity*
  • *Dawson's Creek*
  • *Armegeddon*
  • My favorite Links:

  • http://www.familypoint.com
  • http://www.altavista.com
  • http://www.bmg.com 
  • (The best place to get great music cheaper than a store) 
  • .  Check it out at 
  • http://www.egreetings.com
  • http://www.bluemountain.com
  • Picture 1: This is Daniel Mick and it appears he is SMOKING? NO, it really looks like it, but he has a sucker in his mouth. Now this picture would be good blackmail!! Just kidding Daniel, no he's a really good guy! I met Daniel Mick at TFC camp in '97. He will be graduating this year from Newton High School. Picture 2: This is me and Sidney, the foster child of my cousins'. She is so adorable I almost want to keep her for my own.

    Picture 2: This is me in March of '99 on my 17th birthday.

    Finally, this is my cousin Janeece. She is also fun to be around and has got ferocious dogs at her house!! Trust me I almost got killed!

    If you weren't on this page, don't worry, I will update every so often when I get the time. In the mean time, just relax and soon I'll get the official TFC page out by the end of April to the latest. I hope all of you continue to keep in touch because it is common to have temporarly friends, and when you find a friend for a lifetime, it's a rare treasure.

    Thanks for visiting my site, feel free to email me with any comments, I'd love to hear from you!!

    [email protected]

    or [email protected]


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