My Car
This car is also known as
"Ca-Boat", "The Tank", "Brian's Taxi", and
A Mexican-Family's House.
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Current Mileage: 75,210 - Went to Colorado Springs on a day trip last weekend!
This is my car, a 1985 Caprice Classic Sedan. It has become best known as "the boat" due to its immense size. On February 8, 1997, I drove down to Virginia, and on the way back got into an accident. Most of the car was okay, the driver-side front fender and lights got crunched. Also, it appears that the frame got slightly bent on the driver side too. Funny, the bumper is fine. If only I could have hit on the bumper, except I was hitting my brakes; the guy in front of me was hitting his brakes. My shocks suck, and when I hit, his bumper went over mine. The damage is estimated at $3000, however thanks to some connections I have it has cost me about $400 to fix. The car I hit as well as the car it got pushed into suffered only minor scratches. Damn composite materials! Hey, can't complain -- no one was hurt. You can always buy a new car if it breaks. We put the new parts on finally but still need to line them up and paint them. What's cool is on August 17th at 9pm I got back in the car and went back to Virginia. I made it home without incident carting 400 lbs. of Mr Pibb, Surge, Josta, and Slice Grape, in a whopping 26 hours! Pibb page coming soon... still... I just had the carbeurator fixed cause it was falling off! Got it tuned up, the tranny serviced, then made my next great voyage back to Nebraska, but this time for a practical reason! To work, and live for once!

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In A Detroit News story lamenting the end of GM's rear-wheel drive
land yachts, University of Michigan business history professor
David L. Lewis evidently anticipates a sharp decline in the birth
rate: ``America learned to make love in the Caprice.'' My Car