Friends and Wave Files Etc...

This page represents a lot of time... not to meet these people, but to waste writing this and scanning the pictures.
Any one who is shown here should be honored as they in one way or another made an impact on my life...

Howard Stern and Other Sounds
HowardStern Howard Stern for Governor - And with this ballot we change the course of political history
Joey Buttafuoco - ...hold on my slut beeper went off.
Jeff & Ethan's Message.wav - Leave a message or die trying.
Chris.wav - Yeah this is Chris
Go 2 Mall.wav (Ethan) - Brian! We're Going To The Mall! Contact Me.
Brian (Pestilence) Ethan (Death) Chris (War) Jeff (Famine) This is Sigmah Pheye Nothing.
These are my best friends from college.
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Sigmah Pheye Nothing web site!!

105.7FM & Brian And Andy Show Archive
audio - I Don't Know
audio - My Butt
audio - This Is My Worst Nightmare
audio - Right Now It's 6 Degrees At Andy's House
audio - Wow, you talk like Ricki Lake (w/build up)
audio - WBTN Station ID
This is Alan. He's cool. Alan works at a local radio station programming the computer so he can chat on it, and writing news, and occasionally being on the air. His hobbies include comic books, Howard Stern, and Star Trek. He became my friend Summer 1993 when I called up the radio station to request an obscure song "Tarzan Boy"... that's where I got the nickname. You can see his web page here.
My mother, Sally SALLY
audio - That's the way, uh huh - uh huh, I like it...
audio - It's driving me crazy
audio - Mom singing happy birthday to me on my answering machine
audio - Uh huh (#1)
audio - Uh huh (#2)
audio - Uh huh (#3)
audio - I Don't Know
audio - See You Around Christmas
audio - Brian I'm going crazy putting these lights up!
This is my mother. She's funny
You can read more about her on my family page...
that is if you want to.
Andypants ANDY
audio - from Pee-Wee's Bg Adventure, "Andy!"
audio - The Infamous Cowboy Song
Andy, as you may know, was my partner of the very successful Brian and Andy Show which aired on my radio station, WBTN. Andy is a nut. He's now a senior in high school.
Erin doing the lawn 1
Erin doing the lawn 2
audio - Andrew! Freakin' Phone!
audio - Yeah That's What I Am, I'm A Slut
audio - Okay
Andy and Erin are brother and sister. She was pretty cute, but as you know, girls that know they're attractive could care less about guys like me who notice... As you can see, I noticed her mowing the lawn across the street. At that point I hadn't learned how to communicate with girls yet... still debateable now! She's a sophomore in college
audio - We'd like you to come to NetHeaven...
audio - Shut up
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Ahhh yes, Jeremy. Also known as Phantom, Phatty, Phagnum. Jeremy was the first one among us who became a netizen (Dick's words). He is a huge fan of opera, classical music, and Packard Bell Computers (just kidding!) Actually he hates them with a passion. See his hate page here. Jeremy is undescribeably different. He is truly one of a kind, and the way he thinks cannot be deciphered, nonetheless he's cool. He was my friend in high school when no one else was...
audio - How Pathetic (Phone Slam)
This was my first girlfriend. She taught me everything from how to kiss to what it feels like to be dumped to how to get over a broken heart (that part she started - I had to learn the rest on my own). Last I heard she's gained quite a bit of weight (*laugh*) and is very serious with the guy she started dating after the guy she dated after me...
audio - I Do Not Have A Boyfriend! from August 1990
audio - A funny call from the Brian and Andy Show
This is Kim Fisher. She used to be our neighbor. Kim has always been f---ed up in the head as long as anyone's known her. After Haley, she was the one I wanted. I think it was physical attraction more than anything; she knew her body was nice and never hid it. Kim definitely had something no one I know has ever been able to duplicate... OH MY GWOD!!! - Last I heard she was still messed up; probably a mom in a mental hospital. I hope she's okay...
Mary School Pic 1996 MARY
audio - I don't even know why I'm calling...
audio - Whoo Hoo!
audio - What is up with that?
Mary is/was/is/was my second girlfriend. Even though we're apart, I will always love her. This sound clip is from the point in her life where she was in the middle of deciding whether or not to get off the Brian highway... she was tedering on the shoulder... eventually she chose to stay on, but her step-dad eventually cut her off anyway. Now, she doesn't care what anyone thinks and has resumed her quest of me. Nothing will stop her. The question is am I ready again? If she is willing then I'm willing, but I'm leaving it up to her and moving on with my life as best I can.
audio - Oh God!
This is Nichole. Nichole has never spoken to me, and has admitted to never seeing me before. She's the kind of girl every guy wants, but never gets. Nichole always was a great topic of conversation between Alan and me, yet we have no clue if what we were saying had any relevence!... I had a crush on her spring 1994 and kept it to myself. TB and friends...
audio - Ahhhhhhhh!
audio - Tom, do you want to go to bed or something?
audio - That's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't questions
audio - Nothing like a good deal
audio - Ha ha ha, that's interesting (blurred)
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Pete is my best friend. I met him when I was in 8th grade and since we've basically been ok. We have most in common, and Pete's life seems to emulate mine better than Jeremy's does Dick St. Peter's. Pete is a nut, too. Most of my friends are crazy in the head -- I like it like that, makes me look more sane! Seriously, he's doing okay now... college bound next year.
audio - Pete's a loser... but I'm a nice guy!
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Triffid was an acquaintance who rode my bus throughout high school. He really didn't get stuck in my life until the day I almost slid off West Mountain in my car. Him and Pete were there, and cause of him my car got unstuck from the little hill that otherwise kept me from going down the side. Since then he's been a good friend. It's like "Satan did you a favor now you'll never get rid of him!". Thanks Triffid, you're insane!
Kacee is one of my friends here...
She's a cool friend when she wants to be. :)
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