Top 50 Reasons To Listen to 98.7fm WBTN
  1. You can hear about Heather and her lesbian experience
  2. You can't see Brian on the radio
  3. Hot chicks like guys who listen
  4. Heather Vanek's bra size
  5. Michael Jackson jokes
  6. It will increase your genital size
  7. Howard Stern
  8. Because Brian will (literally) suck up to you if you don't
  9. Free CDs
  10. No Christmas music
  11. Andy Jennings (Mr. FU)
  12. Brian Florence is a D.J.
  13. We'll make you laugh
  14. Guys will like girls who listen
  15. Because WBTN sucks! (duh!) No, really!
  1. Hear little kids belch
  2. Hear big kids belch
  3. Win candy
  4. A? You can change it
  5. Hourly subliminal messages telling you to worship Elvis Presley
  6. Q-104 Outtakes
  8. More Howard Stern
  9. Informative news
  10. Free movie rentals
  11. You hair won't fall out
  12. Your parents will get mad at you for listening and forget about all of the other crap that they're mad at you about
  1. Andy's mid-pubic crisis
  2. Top 10 countdowns that have no relavence with current statistics
  3. Hot chics might be listening
  4. Michael Jackson might be innocent
  5. Too much information
  6. Hear funny interviews
  7. Lesbian Dial-A-Date, NOT!
  8. Hear Pete Blackbird screw up, again!
  9. We don't need to play the music you don't wanna hear
  10. Phony Phone calls
  11. Hourly update on Andy's sex-life (not on yet) (What sex life)
  1. 1/2. Pete Blackbird
  2. Latest weather reports
  3. Because we're the only station that's weather controlled
  4. Studio could blow up at any second
  5. Swearing
  6. Gifts (bribes) for listening
  7. In tune with you - fresh neighborhood source of "JUST" (??)
  8. May be flammable
  9. Beavis and Butthead impersonations
  10. Pay-Per-View specials
  11. Snow Blower Spectacular
  12. Brian Florence
  13. Howard Stern
For those of you fortunate enough to be around during the short life of WBTN and the wacky goodness that made up the programming, then you know just what each one of these means... or you were really insane...
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