2000 : Indecision 2000



January 4 1900  

Focus on New Hampshire

March 30th 2000


Campaign Trail to the Road to the Whitehouse

The GOP Convention Shows

Campaign Trail to the Road to the Whitehouse: Storytellers

The DNC Convention Shows



[updated July 11, 2003]


Choose and Lose Election Night Special

The Night After the Choose and Lose Election Night Special


The "Christmas" Episode

(updated February 16, 2004)

  • February 2, 2000 : The Daily Show does a one hour special about the New Hampshire primaries. 
  • Beth Littleford leaves The Daily Show in May. She is the final original correspondent (I consider Brian Unger, A. Whitney Brown, Lizz Winstead, and Beth Littleford to be the original Daily Show correspondents) to leave the show.
  • Miriam Tolan's first appearance in June.
  • The Daily Show goes to their first political conventions in August, and does their first shows away from their New York studios.
  • The "Choose And Lose Election Night Special" (November 7th, 2000) becomes one of the most highest rated Daily Show's ever. Also the first live episode of The Daily Show. 
  • The second live episode of The Daily Show happens a little over a month later when Al Gore concedes, and George W. Bush gets the presidency. 

Beth Littleford 
Stephen Colbert 
Stacey Grenrock-Woods
Mo Rocca 
Vance DeGeneres 
Steve Carell 
Nancy Walls
Miriam Tolan

Who Left:
Beth Littleford (April)

One-Time Correspondents:
Jerry Minor
Tom Shillue (2)

Lewis Black
(Back In Black)
Frank DeCaro
(Out At The Movies)
Rich Brown
(Public Excess)

"Get To Know The Candidates" - March, 2000

"What Are You Suddenly, Queer For Whales?" - March, 2000

"Good Morning AM Daily's"
- Early, 2000

"Even Stephen : Bra and Panties"
- April, 11, 2000

"How To Tell If Your TV Is On Fire"
- April, 2000

"Even Stephen: The Fox And Goose Show"
- May, 2000

- May, 2000 

"News For Kids : No News Day"
- May, 2000 

"Vance Breaks Into The Pentagon" - June, 2000

"Jon, Vance, Mo, Steve, and Miriam Talk About the Big Tobacco Case"
- July 2000

"Mo Goes To Fan Fair" - July, 2000

"You're Reading Right Now!" - July, 2000

"Those Network Anchors Are All Very Professional"-August, 2000

"Hobo's Buttcrack" - October, 2000

"Ad Nauseam : Soup!" - October 2000

"Even Stepvhen: Halloween"
- October 30, 2000