CBG's ADD Talks to JKS About S-F:

You've dabbled with superheroes before, with your Hulk Annual story, and pieces in the DC Bizarro collections. You seem to keep coming back to the guys in capes. Why is that?

As a kid, superheroes scared the hell out of me. The angry faces and grimacing, the displays of terrible power...it was all just totally overwhelming. I didn't like it, but it made a big impression. This was when I was pretty little. Now that I realize that the world itself is full of angry faces and grimacing and terrible displays of power, it seems like a good metaphorical vehicle.

Tell us about the Super-F*ckers: Who are they, what do they do, and do their parents approve of their team name?

Well, SuperF*ckers is not the name of the superhero team. It's actually just the name of the comic book. The superhero team remains unnamed in the book itself.

Basically, it's a bunch of 19-year-old superheroes living in a big clubhouse together, playing video games, trying to think up new ways to get high, holding tryouts to recruit new members, teasing each other, trying to spy on each other naked, worrying about who's gay and who's not, and converting to Christianity.

I have to ask, why did you pick Super F*ckers for a title?

I really tried to make this book "all ages" but the characters absolutely would not comply. For one thing, all the characters started to swear like crazy, really foul and funny swears.

I notice the cover of the first Super-F*ckers seems to be a blend of art and photography, and I remember you told me some time ago that you were using a 16-panel grid for this one. What can you tell me about the artistic approach are you taking to the series?

There are little back-up stories in the book which combine drawing and photography, and I use that on the covers, but the main story is colored line work, with flat areas of color, like the way I did Fancy Froglin. Also, since I'm using a 16-panel grid instead of my normal 4-panel grid it's really the equivalent of a graphic novel. The book is packed tight...the 16-panel grid was really necessary to accommodate what I was going for with the large cast of characters with intertwining storylines.

Excerpted from Newsarama.com

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Everybody loves a foul-mouthed teenage superhero, and James Kochalka's Super-F*ckers is packed with 'em! To celebrate the release of the first issue, Top Shelf Productions, creator James Kochalka and Comic Book Galaxy are bringing you the Super-F*cking Contest!

One Grand Prize Winner will take home the following:

  • A one-of-a-kind original painting of Jack Krak, the main character in Super-F*ckers, created especially for this contest by James Kochalka!
  • An American Elf Hardcover! This deluxe, limited edition contains five years of James Kochalka's daily diary comic strips and tons of DVD-style extras, a $50.00 value.
  • A copy of Super-F*ckers #1
  • The Comics Journal #222, featuring a cover by and interview with James Kochalka.

Nine Runners-Up will each receive a copy of Super-F*ckers #1.

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