105.7fm WBTN
(also known as 98.7fm WBTN and 99.1fm WKMX)

Transmitter B roadcasting from the basement of Brian's house, with the transmitter made from simple TV amplifiers located in his bedroom (seen here), 105.7fm WBTN 105.7 FM Advertisement sent out a signal just strong enough to reach his neighborhood. WBTN started in late May of 1992 playing music and requests all the time. The station expanded its dj lineup by adding many guest dj's like Kim, Pete, and Tom. Kim's addition is what later led to the love triangle between her, Brian, Pete and Don, but we won't get into that yet. As the station and its members evolved, great things were happening. The listenership and awareness has risen, almost to 5 people! Such shows were added as WBTN's weekly top 10, May 1993 brought sports to WBTN and its future talkshow co-host, with A.J. Jennings. The Neighborhood Roller Hockey League's games aired live and uncut. June rolled in and so did the affiliation with new friend, Alan Doane. Antenna Alan's connections with professional recording equipment and an enthusiasm hardly seen brought a professional sound to WBTN's ID's and commercials. Brian, inspired by this, began his productions also. In July 1993, WBTN installed a new receiving antenna, therefore bringing new capabilites for rebroadcast of shows unreceivable anywhere else in the area. Likewise, The Howard Stern show was picked up on August 1, 1993, 50 Reasons to listen, click on picture for text list airing live during the morning till Brian started 11th grade, then airing on 12 hour delay, with its 2 loyal listeners, Andrew and Peter. News. sports, and weather became commonplace with the Stern Show. In September, AJ's Top 10 Count down began... November brought difficulties with the transmitting equipment, and a frequency change to 98.7 occured. Signal and Programming remained the same, just a different place on the dial. The station was with great programming, however, the first real attempt at local station programming began with the Brian And Andy Show in February 1994...

Brian The
Brian And Andy

It started in February, 1994. Inspired by The Howard Stern Show, two
kids with nothing to do and a transmitter to do it with created what was to become
one of the greatest most fascinating unbelievable wastes of all time!

The Brian And Andy Show

Starring... With Special Guest Appearances by... And featuring on The Phone... And Of Course...
Unfortunately, 105.7fm WBTN's end arrived in November of 1996 when WNYQ signed on the air after experiencing more than 10 years of delays.
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