• Does anyone know who did this song?
  • Mary... Mary... Mary.... When will something happen? Is something happening? "As I grow more and more apart from Mary this page becomes more and more comical... and yet now that I continue to move away from her, I now faintly see her starting to try to catch up with me..."
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  • Stupid me ends up driving a half hour extra to get back to school... for no reason
      This was funny. On Wednesday night I drove home cause we just moved and I wanted to see the new house and surprise my mother and family. The thing is I have to be back at school by 7pm or else the car can't stay on campus. So it's 9pm Thursday and I finally decide to leave. The trip usually takes 2 hours and 10 minutes. I left at 945pm. Stopped in Saratoga Springs to get a hamburger and fries, 10 minutes later, south on I-87. When I get to Colonie / Albany, where the interchange is, I decided that the original route was boring and since I was almost falling asleep at the wheel decided to try something new... Instead of getting on the thruway south I got on I-90 towards Boston. 26 Miles East of Albany almost to Massachusettes, I turn onto the Taconic Parkway. I have never been on this road so I thought I'd try it. No cars in sight, no cops in sight. The speed limit is 55, I did 75 (65 most of the way). It is such a cool road! Try it if you're in New York State sometime! I love it! Anyway, I get off at the Poughkeepsie exit (which is 11 miles outside of the city). Take the road (44) into the city and go the wrong way! DUH! End up in the ghetto at red lights all the way through. I only got out because I kept driving in the same direction towards the blinking radio tower that is visible from school. I made it! Left at 945pm, arrived 1230!. So much for an adventure!!! And, I loved it so much I went home that way also. That time it only took 10 minutes longer.
    Alternate Route

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    Get me the hell out of here!!
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