It is said that soulmates will travel throughout space and time, earth and heaven, life and death and never be completly seperated from eachother. For if they are, it is written that they will find eachother once again. And only then will they be complete.

This is Brian. I don't know what to say about him except that I love him very much and I always will.
He such a beautiful person in so many ways.
I love you, Brian.

Brian is a Pibb fan. Big time. As you can tell, I have pictures of his Mr. Pibb kick. The cool thing about him being this way is that he always has soda in the fridge. He's like this with not only Mr. Pibb, but a lot of different sodas also. He know's what you can get and where you can get it. What the good kinds of store brand sodas are and what the bad kind are, what is yummy and where it is shipped that it tastes the best. For brand name sodas also. He also went on a Josta kick. Notice the red boxes? Josta. It was some drink that had somehting in it and it was supposed to make your sex drive do this "up" thing and make you a little horny. It was way good too. Oh yeah, notice that I am using a Pibb box for the home button. :-) Thanks Brian. *hug*

This is the birthday cake I made him for his birthday this year. He loved it. :-)

This is Brian's old car. It's a 1985 Chevy Caprice. He inherited this form his grandfather. It's a pretty cool car. I drove it all the way to New York. So the car and I bonded. :-)

This is Brian's new car. It's a '94 Chevy Caprice. He loves these cars. It's pretty cool. It's a retired cop car. Nifty, huh? :-)

This is one of Brian's webpages that he built because him and his friends thought that not just "jocks" should have their own "brotherhood", and so they could make fun of them also.
I just happened to be flippeing through his webpage and came across it and I thought that I wouodl share it with you guys.
Just click
here to go there.

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