This is my family. I still don't have quite everyone yet, but give me time and you'll see them soon enough. I have a lot of people to get pictures of. :-)

No matter how big it is, no matter how small it is, a family together means HOME.

This is my mom and my niece Faith. My mom is 46, and Faith is 3 years old.
I love my mom...and my niece.
My mom is pretty cool. She has been helping me learn to love cooking.
She just helped me decorate a cake that you'll soon see on Brian's page.
My mom is pretty cool too. She just got a computer. And without ever touching a computer, she has learned how to insert attachments into emails and scan, print, and all sorts of good things like that. I think that is awesome.
My mom is really neat. She lived the weirdest life. She used to be a hippie and she sometimes tells me that I took over her years of youth for her. She always has the best party stories to tell me and how often it went her younger years of course. She's really calm now. :-) I love hearing about the stories she has to tell. I love you, Mom. :-)

This is my brother Kirk. He's 26 years old and one of my most favorite men...beside Brian, :-) To me, I think that he has lived a pretty normal life. Made a good man of himself. I respect him and I always tell my friends about him. I haven't seen the butt face for almost 2 years, I'm sure of it. He will sometimes make trips out of the country to other places like Japan and so on and so on.But, that is only because he's in the Marines. Not a millionare. Although I'm sure he wished he was...along with the rest of the family. He has been married to a very nice girl named Rebecca (picture soon) since Audust 10, 1996. He has a little girl that is around 2 1/2 years old.

This is Angie. She's my sister. She just turned 24. Faith is her little girl. Along with my mom, Angie has lived a pretty weird life. Things up to living in vans, selling magazines and being kidnapped once a week by some freaky guy. Angie became pregnant with Faith and came home. Since then,I think that this is the most "normal" life that she has lived. Right now she is living in Sioux Falls with her man, Gordon and is about to have another baby. She's crazy. But, I love her. :-) Give me a BOY Angie!! :-)

Click on the car below to see Kirks Mustang.

This link here is to Angies '67 Mustang.
She got it totally restored and then wrecked it about 3 months later.
Click on the bus to see the clipping of the car.

Click on the Pibb to go to Home

This is my dad. His name is David. This picture is VERYold...but, he still looks like this...sort of..with the exception of about 16 years. :-)
I really can't tell you too much about him, except that he works for a company called SafeCard located in Cheyenne, Wy.
He is a father of four children. Mandy (24) , one of my many half sisters. She was his first child, then me, then his two kids from his last wife, Chelsea (10) and Riley (7).I'm not quite sure what he's like. I don't know him that well. I'm sure he's a good dad. I don't know. He's quiet and doesn't call me. I live 1 hour and 35 minutes from his house and I have seen him for a long time. Maybe twice a year...when I force myself onto his door step. But, I love him. I hope he loves me too

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