This is my man's page. It used to have nothing about him up, but he's redoing it and now it has a bunch of OLD stuff of him up. :-) At least he's working on it, right? :-)

If you don't know this website, you haven't searched the web enough yet. It's a bunch of little cartoons that don't take long at all to load and watch. You've gotta go here.

The website that I am showing above, Minitry2000, has some awesome stories to read about. The first time I went to the page, I was just checking out some stuff cause the maker of it, Alan Doane is a friend of mine. I just happened to click on one of the stories that he had posted, adn I wound up getting completly ingrossed into the story for about 1 1/2 hours. I just couldn't stop reading. So, if you like to read, I suggest clicking in the link above and getting something to drink cause you aren't going to want to leave. :-)

Autumn Fire's Page

This is Katie's webpage. She has a lot of interesting things up about herself. If you want to know more about her, click on the link about a check it out. :-)

The link above is all about Howard Stern. It's not personally his page, but if you want to see a domain that he bought and put up personally, go to http://www.howardstern.com

And if you would like to go to another good Howard site, go to www.marksfriggin.com

This page is Brians friends page. His name is Steve. The page is mostly medical terms defined. He has gotten awards for it and I'm sure it comes in handy for those words you don't know, especially if you watch ER.
Check it out and let your brain expand. :-)

If you're interested about him, go to

click on the Pibb to go Home

This page is pretty cool if you're looking for song lyrics. They totally redid the page and after clicking on it for the first time after they were done with it, I was so confused. But, if you have your head on straight, (like me) you'll find anything you need. :-)

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