25 June 2005
Jay will be manning a table at the big Canadian National Canadian Expo, August 26-28 2005, alongside Joe Meyer, Andrew Foster and Paul Quinn.

Jay's Book of Hate is done, and in final production at Landwaster Books with hopes to debut it at the T.O. Expo.

Open Book Press will be reprinting the long out of print Powerwus trade paperback. Jay says "It'll have a new cover and maybe a sketchbook section," so look fo rmore update son these and other Jay projects soon!

22 May 2005
The daily diary strip is back online, baby! Jay has started posting it to his LiveJournal, so if you want to catch up on the latest in the life of Jay and his family, friends and co-workers, go to Jay's LiveJournal now and remember to bookmark it or add it to your favourites!

13 April 2005
Some of you may have noticed that the daily strip is down. For the time being, Landwaster books has decided to stop running webstrips. Of course, with my scanner out of commission, this has also meant no new strips anyway. When the scanner problem is rectified, daily strips will be accessible right through jasonmarcy.com! Watch here for further details, and many apologies to those who went looking for the strip.

09 March 2005
Copies of all three volumes of Jay's Days are now in stock again at Reader's Bookshop in Saskatoon Saskatchewan! All are "artographed" with cartoon Jay thanking the buyer!

15 February 2005
I'll be attending my first con this year, the one day "Canadian National Comic Book Expo Fan Appreciation Day" at the Toronto Convention Centre on April 24th, 2005. Admission is super-cheap, so I hope to see ya there!

Don't forget I also have a five page autobio story in the upcoming House of Twelve Anthology House of Twelve #3: FILTH. It should be available in finer comic book stores in March thereabouts. VERY MATURE content.

02 February 2005
The Beguiling is once again re-stocked with Jay's Days Volume 3. Anyone in the Toronto area who needs a copy, just walk right in and ask, they'll gladly help you to one! It's likely the only Ontario comic store with copies right now, so go in and get one!

Check out Alan David Doane's accounting of his recent CANADIAN INVASION. He covers a lot of points that I may have missed in my account. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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