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Toll free (USA): 800-44-STERN
K-Rock Request Line: 212-434-1997
K-Rock Main Line: 212-314-9230
Fax: 212-314-9339/40
Office: 212-314-9322
The Howard Stern Show
c/o WXRK Radio 923 KROCK
14th Floor
40 West 57th St.
New York, N.Y. 10019
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Some quick answers to Frequently Asked Questions I receive:
(I put these here to answer the most common questions I receive regarding the King Of All Media)
  • I AM NOT Howard Stern. Writing to my email address will NOT get Howard a message. His radio station WXRK does have 3 email addresses which are linked on their address above. If you would like to write to Howard, send it to his station address or fax it. Both address and fax number are listed above.
  • Howard Stern's show is NOT available on the internet via real audio and as far as I know WON'T EVER BE. Ocassionally, however, the show does pop up somewhere. When it does, you can be sure that within 2 days it will be gone. This has been the case for his Charlotte and Orlando AudioNet feeds. On USENET, you can sometimes find the whole show in 14.4 Real Audio format in the alt.binaries.howard-stern newsgroup.
    As far as getting Howard on in new markets, it is totally dependent on the individual stations within each market. The show costs between $250,000 and a million dollars a year. If your station is willing to invest this, they can get Stern. The payback in revenue will be much more.
  • Howard attended Boston University and in 1973 worked on their college radio station, WTBU. The program was called the "King Schmaltz Bagel Hour." Howard performed the "Godzilla Goes to Harlem" bit. He worked with Bob Petric. He was fired on the air by Hank Sennet the station manager. He graduated, Magna Cum Laude, in 1976.
  • Howard married his Boston University sweetheart Alison Burns ( B. 05-25-54) on June 4, 1978. There wedding song was "Let it Be Me" by Willie Nelson. They honeymooned in Mexico.
  • Billy West's departure from the show was strictly related to financial disputes between Infinity Broadcasting and himself, who was originally appearing on the show for 3 days a week. He wanted to get as much as all the cast for only appearing for that amount of time, or something to that effect. Also, he felt he could do better in Hollywood doing cartoon voices than he was just on Stern's show. Billy West has been successful, doing a wide array of voices for television commercials, and movies such as "Joe's Apartment" and I think even Bugs Bunny in "Space Jam", reports say. The crew is not mad at Billy, although when asked about it Stern declines comment.
  • If you do not live in a market that has Stern, the best thing you can do to get the show is to move. Other than that, if you have $7,000+ to spare, you can purchase a satellite dish and special decoder/descrambler (see below). If that seems to much, if you live within 200 miles of an affiliate, a good outdoor FM antenna should do the trick.
  • If you are in search of a way to hear Stern without using a local radio station, Stern can be heard via satellite but only if you are willing to shell out the minimum $7,000 for the SEDAT satellite decoding equipment. SEDAT is a proprietary digital transmission method for which there is currently no way for a backyard dish owner to obtain a decoder and authorization to receive. They're using digital ADATS scrambling, both for signal integrity and privacy. Decoders are about $2K, and I think you have to have a "key" to decode the broadcasts. Regarding which satellite Howard is on..... Satellite C5 (located at 139 degrees WEST), transponder 23, channel 14. However, this is a SEDAT digital signal, so unless you have about $10,000 for a SEDAT receiver and a satellite dish, plus the $$$ to pay WXRK for the rights, a private person in their house cannot get the live show via satellite. I have spoken with people who have incurred this expense and, I guess if you can afford it, it's worth every penny.
  • Rumors that Howard will be coming to Tampa, Denver, Seattle, Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Milwaukee are just that, rumors. However, rumors usually don't start for no reason. Louisville and Toronto had been rumored for quite some time, and now they have Howard.
  • The soundtrack to his movie Private Parts was released February 25th. There are 5 CD covers. One was sent only to radio stations. This cover shows a naked Howard with his genitals being covered by the hand of an off-camera stripper. The other four are out in the stores, one cover being the movie poster which is wide-spread. The three others were only produced in limited quantities. The pictures are Howard climbing the Empire State Building with the tower covering his schween and him grabbing a plane that says "FCC" out of the sky, Howard the giant standing in the middle of a city with his hand over his genitals and stripper-angels flying around draping movie film wrapped on him, and the third Howard's face with sunglasses covering 1/3 of his eyes with fire in the reflection
  • E! Entertainment Television, despite being bought by Disney, has no plans on dropping Howard's show from their line-up. It can be seen Monday-Friday from 11pm-12am and 2:00am, and Saturday 10pm-11pm Eastern time. In the hour blocks, the first half hour is a new never-before-aired show, except Saturday. Since Disney's appearance into Stern's life, many people report the E! show becoming more and more lame...
  • There is a Howard Stern mailing list. To get on the mailing list, send a letter with ONLY the word subscribe in the body to [email protected]
  • USA Network will be airing Private Parts with additional footage in 1999. Private Parts is currently available for video rental, and for purchase on laser disc. His movie is also showing frequently on Pay-Per-View. The movie is currently not available for purchase at the "priced-to-own" cost; it's going for anywhere up from $90.
  • Howard Stern's email address is undisclosed to the public. From what he's mentioned on the air, he only uses it to converse with other celebrities or between himself and the crew.
  • The WWOR Channel 9 shows are still tied up in letigation and have not been aired or re-released. Due to this, there is a huge underground trade of these rare classics. Check and/or post in usenet in if you're looking for old Stern videos, shows, appearances, and merchandise.

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