Howard Stern's Stolen Vehicle Police Recovery Network
West Palm Beach, FL
Dallas, TX
Norfolk, VA
Richmond, VA
El Paso, TX

Dallas, TX - KDGE?
Houston, TX??
Denver, CO??
Seattle, WA??
Nashville, TN?? Calgary, Canada?


Here's the updated list of markets the Stern show covers...
If you don't see a city near you CALL A STATION AND BEG FOR HOWARD!!!
Please note that this is a list done by transmitter location, not actual market base.

Albany, NY           WQBK-FM 103.9  Modern    6am-.. L
Austin, TX           KJFK-FM  98.9  Talk      6am-.. TD
Baltimore, MD        WJFK-AM  1300  Talk      6am-11am L
Bettendorf, IA       KORB-FM  93.5  Modern    5am-?  L
Bloomington, IL               96.7            5am-?  L
Boston, MA           WBCN-FM 104.1  Modern    6am-.. L
Burlington, VT       WIZN-FM 106.7  Rock      6am-.. L
Charleston, SC       WAVF-FM  96.1  Rock      6am-.. L
Charlotte, NC        WXRC-FM  95.7  AAA       6am-.. L
Chicago, IL          WCKG-FM 105.9  Cls Rock  6am-.. TD
Cleveland, OH        WNCX-FM  98.5  Cls Rock  6am-.. L
Cobleskill, NY       WQBJ-FM 103.5  Modern    6am-.. L
Columbus, OH         WBZX-FM  99.7  Modern    6am-.. L
Detroit, MI          WKRK-FM  97.1  Rock      6am-.. L
Fayetville, NC       WRCQ-FM 103.5  Rock      6am-.. L
Fort Myers, FL       WRXK-FM  96.1  Rock      6am-.. L
Fresno, CA           KFRR-FM 104.1  Modern    3am-6am L, 6am-.. TD
Globe, AZ            KHOT-FM 100.3  Modern    6am-.. TD
Grand Rapids, MI     WKLQ-FM  94.5  AOR       6am-.. L
Hartford, CT         WCCC-FM 106.9  AOR       6am-.. L
Hartford, CT         WCCC-AM  1290  AOR       6am-.. L
Hazelton / WlksB, PA WZMT-FM  97.9  AOR       6am-.. L
Indianapolis, IN     WNAP-FM  93.1  TOP 40    6am-.. L
Las Vegas, NV        KXTE-FM 107.5  Modern    3am-6am L, 6am-.. TD
Los Angeles, CA      KLSX-FM  97.1  Talk      3am-6am L, 6am-.. TD
Louisville, KY       WTFX-FM 100.5  Rock      6am-.. TD
Memphis, TN          WMFS-FM  92.9  Modern    6am-.. L
Miami, FL            WBGG-FM 105.9  Cls Rock  6am-.. L
Minneapolis/StPaul   WRQC-FM 100.3  AAA       5am-.. L
Montreal, QU, CA     CHOM-FM  97.7  Rock      6am-.. L
Myrtle Beach, SC     WYAV-FM 104.1  Cls Rock  6am-.. L
New York, NY         WXRK-FM  92.3  Modern    6am-.. L
New Orleans, LA      KKND-FM 106.7  Modern    6am-.. TD
Orlando, FL          WTKS-FM 104.1  Talk      6am-.. L
Panama City, FL      WTBB-FM  97.7  AOR       6am-.. L
Peoria, IL	     WFXF-FM  94.3  Cls Rock  5am-.. L
Philadelphia, PA     WYSP-FM  94.1  AOR       6am-.. L
Phoenix, AZ          KEDJ-FM 106.3  Modern    6am-.. TD
Portland, OR	     KUFO-FM 101    Rock      6am-.. TD
Pittsburgh, PA       WXDX-FM 105.9  Modern    6am-.. L
Providence, RI	     WWKX-FM 106.3  CHR       6am-.. L
Reno, NV             KRZQ-FM  96.5  Modern    6am-.. TD
Rochester, NY        WNVE-FM  95.1  Modern    6am-.. L
Rochester, NY        WNVE-FM  95.5  Modern    6am-.. L
San Diego, CA        KIOZ-FM 105.3  Modern    3am-6am L, 6am-.. TD
San Jose, CA         KOME-FM  98.5  Modern    6am-11am TD
St. Louis, MO        WALC-FM 104.1  Pop       6am-.. TD
Syracuse, NY         WAQX-FM  95.7  Cls Rock  6am-.. L
Toledo, OH           WBUZ-FM 106.5  Modern    6am-.. L
Toronto, ON, CA      CILQ-FM 107.1  Rock      6am-.. L
Washington DC        WJFK-FM 106.7  Talk      6am-11am L
York, PA             WQXA-FM 105.7  Modern    6am-.. L
If anyone can fill in the blanks, correct errors, or whatever, please email me.
Also, if any stations would like a link to their pages, let me know...

Keep in mind many of these stations cover other markets (if you have a good antenna).
Hartford 106.9fm reaches central Massachusettes and Western Rhode Island
Boston 104.1fm covers Northern Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire and Maine
Albany 103.9fm covers Western Massachusettes and South-Western Vermont
Cobleskill, NY 103.5fm covers an iddy-biddy part of northern Pennsylvania
Philadelphia 94.1fm reaches the beaches of the Jersey Shore and northern Delaware
Chicago 105.9fm hits southern Wisconsin, northern Indiana, and the west shores of Michigan
Grand Rapids 94.5fm hits Lansing, MI, and skims eastern Wisconsin and northeast Indiana
Las Vegas 107.5fm reaches southwest Utah, the desserts of California, and northern Arizona
Austin 98.9fm can be pulled in in southern Oklahoma and parts of northern Dallas
Memphis 92.9fm hits southern Missouri, western Kentucky, eastern Arkansas and northern Mississippi
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 104.1fm reaches southeast North Carolina
Rochester 95.1/95.5fm can barely be heard in Canada near the Lake Ontario
Washington DC 106.7fm covers the northern Virginia suburbs and central Maryland, along with York, PA 105.7fm and Baltimore 1300am
(and if its dark 1300am circles in a 500 mile radius, hitting many points)
Pittsburgh 105.9fm reaches the small part of West Virginia between Pennsylvania and Ohio
Toledo, Ohio 106.5fm covers southeast Michigan and a small part of Canada, and barely Detroit
Reno 96.5fm hits eastern California
San Diego 105.3fm goes into Tijuana, Mexico
New Orleans 106.7fm reaches southern Mississippi
Panama City, FL 97.7fm reaches southwestern Georgia and southeastern Alabama
Orlando, FL WTKS 104.1fm covers Melbourne, Daytona, Coaca Beach, Lakeland, and Ocala
Ft. Lauderdale's WBGG covers from W. Palm to southern Miami and Bahamas
Detroit, MI 97.1fm reaches Flint, Ann Arbor, and Windsor, Canada
Montreal's CHOM 97.7 skims Burlington, VT and the Plattsburgh area of New York State
Toronto's CILQ 107.1fm can be picked up in Buffalo with a really good directional antenna, as well as into Erie, Pennsylvania
Louisville's WTFX 100.5fm can be heard in southern Indiana, the Cincinnati area (with a good antenna), and Lexington, KY
Davenport's KORB 93.5fm can be heard as far as Cedar Rapids and Iowa Falls northwest, and Galesburg and Peoria, Illinois south
Charlotte's "Deep Cuts" 95.7 WXRC-FM comes in great in Greenville, South Carolina.
Charleston, SC signal hits Hilton Head and maybe Beaufort, SC.

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