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WIZN, the Wizard of Rock 106.7 100,000 Watts!
This station can be heard within 200 miles in almost any direction from Burlington.
I know cause I could get it in in Glens Falls!
Montreal Can Now Hear Stern Uncensored!!!
Hey AOL People!
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America Online has a new Rosie O'Donnel (Keyword: Rosie) website with message boards. It would be great to see a lot of Howard Stern fans, with AOL access, post their opinions of Rosie & her show. Please post this on your site and pass this message on. Thanks.

Stern Rules!! F Jackie & Fred!!
Portland, Oregon

Howard Stern is now on in Portland on Rock 101 KUFO!
Charleston, SC

Howard Stern is now on in Charleston!
Private Parts on Home Video:
I work at a department store and get access to flyers weeks in advance, so I can tell you and the world that Private Parts will be available for purchase at Caldor and other fine stores Tuesday February 10th for $14.95 MSRP, on sale at Caldor for $9.95!
Yahoo!: Howard Stern in Canada Website
For the latest Stern-Canada info, check out this site!
Howard's Birthday Bash '98
Howard's Birthday Show was finally held Thursday night and aired Friday morning. The never ending promise of not having one by Robin is over; she dragged it out for over 2 weeks. In any event, with two weeks to plan, stations gave out tickets to listeners. Cameras were not allowed into the party, but apparently some people managed to get them in.

Go to the following web sites to see what we heard Friday,
read about all the happenings that we didn't get to hear,
and watch E! Entertainment TV all this week at 11pm EST/PST!

Howard Stern Birthday Bash '98 - really well designed site!
Birthday Bash - Another site w/pics

A new addition to the Howard Stern Radio Network.
Indianapolis, Indiana began receiving
The Howard Stern Show on WNAP 93.1fm, on Friday January 30th.
Indianapolis is 24th on Neilsen's media market survey.
Stern competition awaiting Bob & Tom

By Marc D. Allan
Indianapolis Star/News

INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 30, 1998) -- The seemingly genteel competition in
Indianapolis radio ended abruptly Friday when Emmis Broadcasting-owned
WNAP-FM (93.1) replaced its morning show with the nationally syndicated
Howard Stern Show.

The outrageous, controversial and hugely successful Stern will compete
head-to-head weekday mornings with The Bob & Tom Show, for years the most
listened-to radio program in Indianapolis.  Ratings indicate that one of
every five listeners here in the morning is tuned in to Bob & Tom on
WFBQ-FM (94.7) and WNDE-AM (1260).
Read more about this from it's source, The Indianapolis Star News, here.
Birthday Show to Be Held
Thursday Night

This is the latest info I've gotten from non-other than, yes, the David Bowie Fan Page...

The latest information is that this party is to be held at Hammerstein Ballroom, starting at 6 p.m. on Thursday, the 29th. The show will be taped and rebroadcast the next morning on Stern's radio show. Other featured guests will include Van Halen. Tickets are primarily being distributed via radio giveaway contests, e.g. WBCN in Boston, and local radio stations in other areas which carry Stern's syndicated morning show.
Jackie the Joke Man Returns to Howard

by Daniel Frankel
January 28, 1998, 1:45 p.m. PT

All is right in the somewhat creepy, tight-knit family that is The Howard Stern Show. Head writer Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling resolved his seemingly bitter contract dispute with Stern's Manhattan-based flagship radio station, WXRK (K-Rock), and returned to the air Wednesday morning after a six-week absence.

However, the self-professed "King of All Media" offered little insight to his subjects on the Martling holdout--in fact, there was no press conference or media release announcing the gag writer's return to morning syndicated radio.

At around 6:25 a.m. ET, right before a commercial break, Stern merely told his audience to stay tuned for the return of the Joke Man.

"I can tell by the stink of booze in the room Jackie has returned," said Stern after the break. "I have to admit it was a lot more pleasant smelling in here while he was gone."

Asked what he did while off for a month and a half, Martling replied, "I drank, fought with my wife...It got very old, so I said, 'What the hell' and came back to work."

Since he left the program, supportive fans have been flooding phone lines. Especially when, early on--as talks with WXRK general manager Tom Chiusano stalled--it didn't look as though he was coming back.

"Jackie is going through another one of his contract disputes, which I don't think will ever be settled," Stern said mid-December, in one of the few on-air disclosures about the situation. "So, I think Jackie's gone...just split, didn't say good-bye to any of us or nothing."

Fortunately for Stern fans--many of whom swamped Stern's show and various zealot-created Web pages with e-mail, asking what happened to Martling--there's a happy ending.

But they shouldn't ask for details. Outside of the odd tidbit you hear on the program, Stern and his colleagues prefer not to discus their financial situations (although show sources did say an agreement was hammered out Tuesday night).

Seeking more information, however, E! Online tried Don Buchwald, Stern's New York-based representative (Howard calls him his "superagent"), who wasn't helpful. "If I did know anything," Buchwald groused, "why would I tell you?"

You have a nice day, too, Don.

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Some Quick Notes From The Last 2 Weeks...
I've been really busy hence the lack of page updates. I apologize. If you'd like to help please email me info on stuff that's happened on the show to post here. Email [email protected] if you can. Thanks.
Happy Birthday Howard!
Monday's show wasn't brought to us live from the Sony Music Studios in New York like last year. This year Howard was not greeted with a birthday show for his 44th birthday. Last year's party cost a bundle at $80,000; maybe Tom Cheap-o-Sano didn't want to pay again. Never in the history of morning radio has that much money been spent for one personality for one show.

Monday, January 12th was Howard Stern's 44th birthday...
I consulted the Ultimate FAQ which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore (its over 900k in text), and here's what I found...

Howard Alan Stern was born on Jan. 12th 1954 to Ben [Bernard] (B. 1921) and Ray Stern (B. Oct. 22, 1927), in Roosevelt Long Island NY...

Happy 44th Birthday Howard!

Pictured to the right is Howard and Robin from Howard's 43rd Birthday Show (last year).
Birthday Bash
Picture courtesy of The Uzo Sternchat web page

Scott The Engineer does it...
The question is "did what?". Well, Scott got his $31,000, but not for completing 17 push-ups; the way the bet intended to pay Scott if he had completed that task. Today on the show, Howard and everyone agreed to pay Scott because he finally, after reviewing the tape of his push-up challenge, admitted that he did NOT do 17 perfect push-ups - what was required of the bet. Scott would only claim "I did what I had to do", referring to the rule that was given immediately before the contest began to have his chest touch the hand of the referee. None of the other rules previously stated seemed to matter to Scott; only that one given that day.
Basically, they're paying him because he admitted on the air that he is the loser that he has always been made out to be. Scott does not have to do his part of the bet which was to pay everyone a tenth of what they bet, plus walk down the street naked. All Howard wanted was Scott to admit he is a loser. You sad sack, you got the money out of pity!
Scott Doesn't Do It...
The question is "do what?". On the show today, Scott came in all psyched and ready, along with his Bowling team and trainer Radu (appropriately tagged "Ragu" and "Taxi driver" because of his Romanian accent), to do his 17 push-ups. Scott lost 45 lbs. and apparently has been doing lots of mental as well as physical preparation for this event. Once it was all said and done, Scott only did 16 push-ups (if you could call them that), and was yelling and screaming like a mad-man that he deserved his money for doing so. Off the record, his trainer admitted that he would have never counted any of them as "regulation". However, Scott continued to say he did his push-ups. The crew, in lieu of paying him, decided it would be best if they waited another day so they could think about it. The contention was that "why pay off a bet we won?". Scott refused to admit he didn't do 17 push-ups, in fact watching the tape shows him doing 17, with one being disqualified by the ref. Even so, his push-ups can hardly be called such. His stomach appeared to be what hit the ground as he squirmed his ass up and down along with pushing his head up. Appropriately, this type of push-up is "the worm", or a girl push-up. Ironically, Scott wormed his way out of getting naked, his original part of the deal. It was all very intense for Scott, and the crew who didn't really know how to handle his attitude. It was entertaining to listen to!
West Palm just pulled a "Dallas"
WCLB has dumped Howard in case you didn't know.
They've been doing this queer little contest (no doubt fixed since their plan
to put Howard on the air was "ill fated" says a local talkshow wanker)
where you vote to make the station all country w/o Howard or keep the
show and go rock.  I saw thru this bullshit reall fast...
Please advise everyone on your site who lives in Palm Beach Co. to
switch over to 105.9 WBGG (aka big 106) out of Ft. Lauderdale since it
comes in well past Jupiter.  Everyone on the Treause Coast, well ya'll are
screwed!  Though if you live in Sebastian (and maybe Vero Beach) you can
probably get 104.1 FM from Orlando.
All country huh, yeah, WIRK is going to STILL kick their ass!
Quick question, Who owns Big 106? I've hear Clear Channel and then
I've heard it's a CBS station. I just hope who ever does own it doesn't
decide to be an asshole like Fairbanks...
Lu Cifer.

Where's Jackie?
Could it have something to do with money?...
(From The Drudge Report)

...And CBS Cuts Employee Benefits All Through the House

They may have given Dan Rather a new contract worth $20 million, they
may have signed Gumbel for 25... They just finished first in the
November Sweeps, why, even their Evening News broadcast tied for #1 in
households last week, the first time in five years they've occupied
that top spot... Money Moonves might dare make a $10 million an
episode bid to snatch ER away from that vulnerable Littlefield, it's
all going so well...

So why is one veteran producer now warning that the Tiffany Network's
call letters may soon stand for "Can't Believe the Shitstorm?"

Behind the scenes, down in steerage, there are reports that employee
benefits are being trimmed at CBS.  According to sources in three
bureaus, CBS CEO Michael Jordan recently began telling workers that
the network will no longer match dollars put into employee 401K
benefit plans.

"There has been a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE outcry over the change in the 401K
benefits," whispers a network source.

Spending zillions on superstar talent while cutting back on production
and administrative costs.  New complaints, old issue, in a business
where audiences have been scattering into hundreds of corners.  If CBS
and its stockholders feel they must pay Dan 'Darker Hair' Rather
$27,472 for each hour of airtime [2.5 hours for news + 1 hour for 48
HOURS duties a week into $5,000,000 yearly] -- with monies cut from
the secretary's retirement plan -- just to keep audiences coming home,

One employee recently whined to the DRUDGE REPORT:  "And why are the
ladies bathrooms in the CBS Broadcast Center so filthy?  Radio and TV
News staff must suffer the regular indignity of having no toilet paper
and stalls that are rarely cleaned... no one seems to care."

Get real, Ms. Murrow, who said a life in broadcasting was going to be
While most speculation is that Jackie is in contract disputes, the basic feel is that he's just away on business and will be back soon. I've heard rumors that he's in negotiation with ManQueer in Chicago, but that can't be true because everything Jackie is today is because of Howard. If Jackie cuts that lifeline, financially speaking as well as the long friendship between them, then he'll learn what really matters once he loses it. Don't worry -- Howard would never let Jackie go... cause if he did the show would never be the same... he'll be back soon.
"Hey! Show me the money you cheap Jew! You bastards! Ahh you all suck!"

It seems that Gary "Bababooey" Dell'Abate developed a freckle on his lip that he plans on removing during their 2 week vacation. Callers warned that even a touch to his lip would make them double, even triple, in size. In other bababooey-news, Mary Dell'Abate gave birth to her and Gary's second son, Lucas, late Saturday/early Sunday. Details are sketchy, but when someone asked him what they were going to name the baby, and he told them, they replied "Lucas Mucas". Then Gary said "Well, what about Luke?"... "Luke Puke" the unnamed E! Show crew member said!
Some guy called in that caught Howard's interest, as well as Crackhead Bob. There seems to be someone who is going around impersonating Crackhead Bob. This guy pissed off George, I mean Bob, who says that ONLY he can be Crackhead Bob. Howard likes it, as it sparks humor for the listeners, and anger for Bob which would be in the humor catageory!
Scott The Engineer's Bet
In his continuous streak of losses, Scott made a bet with Howard that by January 6th he will be able to do 17 push-ups. Originally, there were bets going that Scott couldn't do 4... he managed 1 that time. All pompous of himself he challenged Howard and the crew, who have put up $31,000 that he can't. He gets the cash if he wins. If he loses, he'll have to pay 1/5th and walk around New York totally naked. That will be in January! It turns out that the bet was a master plan by Scott's trainer to get publicity; he has since been fired for the more popular trainer "Radu".
INXS guy hangs himself with a belt... now here comes the press!
Go to the Mike Hutchence Joke Page

Welcome Howard to Iowa!
Today Howard started in Bettendorf, Iowa on KORB Planet 93.5FM
Planet 93.5 covers the quad cities of Bettendorf and Davenport Iowa, and Rock Island and Moline Illinois.
CSBC Decides Stern Bad For Canada... or is he?
Follow this link for the English version of the CSBC's decision on Stern in Canada:
Quick News from Friday's Show
Pamela Anderson Lee
came in and talked about her great sex and love life with Tommy Lee. She has never seen the sex tapes everyone else has..

The Real Doll arrived. Hilariously, when the doll first was rolled in in it's crate and revealed, everyone stared intently when suddenly it moved and said "hi" and scared the shit out of Howard -- a practical joke planned by Jackie and Scott Enziger. The real doll was brought in later, and Howard and the gang probed and felt it up and wewre delightly surprised at it's better-than-expected lifelike qualities.

William Shatner came in to plug his new book. He told an interesting story about some fishing-buddies from Alaska who each had love dolls where one killed the other one over jealousy of his doll. They played the Mike Walker Gossip Game as well as the "What's My Secret" game where they had to guess the woman's talent which was smoking a cigarrette, inhale and exhale, through her most intimate of areas.

Bababooey exposed for his lack of willpower. Everytime he walked by a box of donuts in the back room, he had to pick one up. Since quitting phen-phen when the government declared it bad, Gary's gained almost 30 pounds.
(Obviously Non-Stern Fan)
Complains for Stern's Breast Cancer Awareness Stunt

New York (AP)--Howard Stern's penchant for playing doctor could get him in trouble for practicing medicine without a license.

Joseph DuPont, a businessman from Gillette, N.J., filed a complaint with the state after the shock jock examined three women for breast cancer in the studio while on the air Oct. 15.

"Mr. Stern physically manipulated the women's breasts and gave his opinion as to whether there were any suspicious lumps to be concerned with, " DuPont wrote. Stern told the women they were fine but cautioned them to get a second opinio, DuPont said Tuesday.

Calls to Stern's office were not immediately returned.
Charlotte Station Reaping Benefits of Stern
(The Business Journal of Charlotte -- 1997-10-27)
Charlotte radio faces power of Stern's pull
Erik Spanberg Staff Writer

Howard Stern is doing what many believed impossible -- turning perennial cellar-dweller WXRC-FM into a ratings contender. * Stern, whose show began airing on the Charlotte rock station in April, catapulted WXRC into the top 10 for morning audience by several measures. * "This is an incredible performance, and I really believe that Howard will be number one in the market sometime next year," says Tom Senger, a local media expert and ad agency principal. "He is a proven entity, and there are plenty of people who are moving here that are already fans. That is unusual for a radio personality." * The improvements are part of Arbitron's summer rankings released earlier this month. * Stern's impact can be seen most clearly in the battle for the lucrative male 25-54 audience where his arrival boosted WXRC's share to second from 14th last summer. * The station also moved to ninth from 15th among all morning listeners 25-54 and to sixth from 17th among morning listeners 18-34. * Morning drive is typically the most lucrative time of day for radio stations. * "Howard's numbers will get bigger, I am sure of that," says Rick Jackson, general manager at Jefferson-Pilot Communications Co.'s three local radio stations. "He forces advertisers to take a look at the show, but the question is whether they will support him. It will be interesting to see." * Local media experts warn that the summer ratings book can be misleading because the large number of young listeners out of school for the period and the high audience turnover because of vacations. * "I think men in this market are really looking for something new to listen to," says local radio consultant Nancy Haynes. "That's why I'm not surprised he's doing as well as he is." * Still, Stern hasn't made up significant ground on local morning leader WRFX-FM and its locally based syndicated hit The John Boy & Billy Big Show, which had a 21.2% share among males 25-54 compared to Stern's 8.4%. * The WRFX morning show doubled its nearest competitor among all weekday listeners 25-54 with a 14.4% audience share, and won the 18-34 morning slot. The Fox remains the city's top station from Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight. * "Howard has had some success in the market, but there's no way he's going to hurt Johnny and Billy," says Macon Moye, director of syndication for John Boy & Billy Inc. "They are clearly established as the top show in Charlotte." * Many local experts have criticized WXRC's lack of marketing for both Stern and the station. But station officials say the estimated $300,000 to $400,000 fee paid to acquire Stern's show is commitment enough to generating ratings. * "This ratings book is phenomenal; it shows we don't have to run billboards to build strong ratings," says Dave Lingafelt, WXRC owner and general manager. "All we have to do is let Howard do his magic, and recycle the audience from there the rest of the day." * WXRC recently altered its deep cuts rock format, an eclectic mix of album tracks from a wide array of rock and folk artists, to concentrate on more traditional rock. Lingafelt says the format shift emphasizes the same core 25-34 demographic Stern attracts. * Stern's surging ratings are drawing advertisers' attention, but local media buyers are still wary. Lingafelt refuses to disclose advertisers, but says more companies are interested in the show. "It's not for everyone, but more people realize how effective this show is. We're getting a lot more inquiries." * Local media buyers say many clients still have a blanket refusal to advertise on Stern because of his controversial fare. Similar problems forced a Dallas radio station to dump the show earlier this year despite its top ranking among local morning shows. * Still, the ratings will be attractive. "If I had a client targeting men 18-49, I would be all over that show," Haynes says.
Howard Stern wins Billboard Award
Interestingly enough, Howard Stern was actually recognized somewhat by his industry as he took home the 1997 Nationally Syndicated Air Personality Of The Year award, presented by Billboard in Orlando, Florida on Saturday. Howard, as usual, had no intention of going ot the awards. Instead, like always, he sent someone with pre-written speech in hand in case he did win. This time, he sent Hank The Angry (drunk) Dwarf. Of course, Hank never made it cause he was too drunk (according to airline officials) to get on the plane, then the next flight he missed cause he never woke up. Last minute efforts got a Florida-stripper to go up and make a speech which was somewhat funny. She went up in thong-bikini and said that because Howard won they deserved to see her breast, left or right - vote by applause! Then she said she was too stupid so she'll just show both!
"And, if Howard wins next year, I'll show you my vagina!"
CRTC Rules in Favor of Free Speech
All of Howard's new fans here north of the 49th can chill, unbunch their panties and the empty headed nitwit moralising citizen groups can go find another hopeless cause to fill their hopeless lives. Q107 in Toronto, reported during yesteday's show that it had no interest in doing anything about Howard's show saying private broadcaster's should regulate themselves. This leaves the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council to deal with - which is all good because it's totally powerless, radio stations voluntarily agree to pay some lip service to it to soothe the CRTC. The companies who brought Howard into Canada don't have to listen to a word this group of concerned citizens and broadcast professionals says. Game over. Free speech and money win the day again.
Let Everyone know that Canada Wants Howard Stern!
Call 416-696-3515 and cast your vote!
Be sure to watch Howard Stern on the Late Show w/David Letterman
Friday night. It's a rerun from February 27th, the Private Parts Promo show!

Howard Sues The Griffith Movie Makers
LOS ANGELES - Howard Stern claims that a movie studio reneged on a deal
to feature him in an ill-fated movie with Melanie Griffith. Ministry of Film
Inc. recruited the radio shock-jock for the movie Jane knowing it didn't
have financing for the film, then failed to pay him when the movie wasn't
made, Stern alleges in a $1.5 million lawsuit filed this week. The lawsuit
alleges the studio tried to raise money for the film by saying it had
Stern, Griffith and other actors on board. The studio, Stern claims, didn't
pay him. Stern is accusing the studio of breach of contract, fraud and
negligent representation. Ministry of Film officials declined to comment,
said a woman at the studio offices.

(borrowed from unknown source)

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I'm asking this because I've been extremely busy
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Time constraints haven't let me get to it as much as I have been.
And besides, this is a Howard Stern page for fans by fans
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Thank you for all your help and thanks for visiting my Howard Stern page!!
See What People Have Submitted Here!

Scott "The Engineer" Continues His Bad Luck Streak
Scott the Engineer as DaBella, Howard's Philly nemesis.  This
 is the funeral from 1991 Scott, Mr. Bad Luck, decided to make a bet. He bet that the New York Yankees would win the playoffs against the Cleveland Indians. This was brought on by Howard and Robin, who said if Scott won he'd get a thousand dollars. However, if he lost, Scott would have to walk around the block in bra and thong. Howard couldn't resist cause he knew he wouldn't lose his money. No matter what Scott bets on, he loses. He's a loser's loser! The smell of money convinced Scott to make the bet... oops. Mr. Jinx! Fans from Cleveland called in all morning thanking Scott for making them some extra cash, since they knew better to bet against whatever Scott bet. In addition to the thong and panties, the 265 lbs. Scott, who recently quit smoking which explains his 40 lbs. weight gain in 4 months, sported a dunce cap with a big LOSER on it, and high heels.
"He never wins and unfortunately we had to prove it this way." Robin said.
"That's why we put up a thousand bucks!" .. to see his ass and nuts hanging out of the thong. Howard remarked that he though he didn't have any since he's been totally emasculated.
Rally to Support Dallas Return of Stern
(Alex Guzman writes)
Another pro-Stern rally to occur at the Grassy Knoll in downtown Dallas
Saturday October 4th at 1:00pm in the afternoon.

(9-13-97) updated
For those of you in Canada in Ottawa, you are within the Howard Stern Show realm! Howard's Show is available via Montreal's CHOM via Cable TV. Just hook your cable to your FM receiver's antenna input and you can get Howard. (At least from the reports I've heard, this is how they get it). It may also be a SAP rebroadcast on a television station, but again I'm unsure. If either is the case and the show is being relayed via satellite, then don't expect it to last. The Stern Show contract prohibits retransmission of the feed in any way except for the station's actual transmission; this includes internet real audio and satellite.
Canadians: Help Canada Keep Stern!
(This was referred to me by "E")
The CRTC is now referring Howard Stern complaints to the CBSC (Canadian Broadcast Standards Council). Please E-mail them with your support for Howard's show. Canada can't lose Stern!
The CBSC's offices are in Ottawa.
Their web address is
You can write them at this address:

Canadian Broadcast Standards Council
P.O. Box 3265, Station D
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 6H8

You can also call them at (613) 233-4607.
Their fax number is (613) 236-9241.
Their e-mail addresses are [email protected] and [email protected].
Keep Howard on the air...everywhere!
Princess Diana Music Tributes
First, Elton John reworks his Marilyn Monroe-tribute into a very nice memorial piece of "Candle In The Wind", then a disc jockey in Las Vegas sticks news clips about the Princess between the lyrics of Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven"; into every possible space he could find. Now, Howard has jumped on the bandwagon with lots of entertaining tribute songs! Some of which parody:
But let's not forget Mother Teresa's death, which has been overshadowed

French-Canadian's Outraged By Stern
Lots of French Canadians who don't get it are upset at comments Howard Stern made upon entering his first international market of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. On September 2nd, Howard greeted his new Montreal listeners with his never-changing opinion of the French.
Private Parts, Howard's Take
While doing a story today about celebrities and their yearly income, Howard mentioned that after all was done with Private Parts (the movie), he only pocketed $100,000.
Robin remarked that next time he better pay close attention to his contract.

I had received many emails from people in the Louisville reporting that Howard had started on Monday September 1st, and now it's official! Howard Stern can now be heard on The Fox, 100.5fm WTFX-fm. It's a rock station with a 37,000 watt transmitter, so suburbs should have no problem getting it in.
Robin News...
Two major things happened with Robin during the show crews' 2 week vacation. First of all, Robin helped to save a life. She was in Cape May, New Jersey with one of her fellow nurse-friends. They were at a small restaurant when a woman was screaming out "Does someone know the hemlich manuever!?" pointing to another woman who was pale and teary. No one did anything. When the woman yelled the same thing again for help, Robin jumped up and said "She knows it!" referring to her friend. "Are you serious?" shouted the woman. "Yes yes!" Robin returned dragging her nurse friend to the victim to which she performed the hemlich, saving the person. Afterwards, Robin and her friend were treated like heroes. They were given free drinks from the bartender, and the woman whom they helped save wrote them the following:
Dear Ladies,

Thank you ever so much.  May God bless you in your life and keep
you safe.  You're in my prayers for life.

Thank you from my heart, Kathleen.

In other Robin news, Tony (Mr. X) and Robin broke up. It seems that Mr. X wasn't ready for a commitment, even though he claimed he'd become engaged to Robin if Howard won the chess game between them. Guess he knew Howard wouldn't win. Sounds like now, Mr. X will have to wait 12 more years to get Robin again... or just a boring afternoon when they have nothing better to do. They're still friends... Mr. X was the one who broke up... he had Robin for awhile (sexually) and now he's moving on.
Stern's Hits Toronto and Montreal!
Its official now ... Toronto's Q107 (CILQ FM) will carry The Howard Stern Show effective Tuesday, September 2, 1997. At 2 p.m. on Wednesday, August 27, CILQ FM's program director, Pat Cardinal, made the official announcement. Apparently, for the first few weeks of September, CILQ FM's sister station, Toronto's TALK 640 AM, will also carry the show. Toronto newspapers report that Q107 signed a three year deal with Stern worth approximately $350,000. Stern's Canadian fans are thrilled! Q107 is CLIQ FM and is located at 107.1 on your FM dial. The station is owned by WIC and covers most of South Central Ontario.
More Minneapolis News
Stern leaps to third among men 18 and older. WQRC-FM, formerly WBOB, has jumped from 11th in April to 3rd in local morning drive among the key demographic group. KQRS-FM and WCCO-AM continue one and two, but both have lost three points of market share since Stern's arrival.
(From by Brian Lambert)
Andy Bloom's Labor of Love
Two months into the Howard Stern era,
WRQC brings a new marketing man to
Minneapolis to continue the assault.

by David Schimke

By title, Andy Bloom is the new operations manager at WRQC-FM--formerly WBOB, and better known to Minnesota head-bangers as "Real Rock 100." But he's really Howard Stern's right-hand marketing guy--the man who helps crack the tough nuts. Eleven years ago, at the age of 24, Bloom made a name for himself in radio by syndicating Stern in Philadelphia, where the media refused to believe anyone could topple morning man John DeBella. "Philly will not accept Stern," DeBella confidently told a rapt Philadelphia magazine in 1986. Yet Bloom's station, WYSP, went from 19th to fifth in the morning during Stern's first full rating period, bumping its Arbitron from a 3.6 to a 4.5. And while it would take three full years for Stern to finally topple DeBella, his pull among men 25 to 54 proved so strong that WYSP was able to quadruple its advertising rates within a year. In 1991 Bloom repeated the feat as operations manager of KLSX-FM in Los Angeles, another market where the number-one morning show was presumed invulnerable. Within a year Stern was on top.

Now he expects to repeat the feat in the Twin Cities. The fresh-faced Bloom's most cherished possession is a beat-up cardboard box spilling over with press clippings and videotape that document his victories in Philly and L.A. Currently it's sitting next to his desk on the ninth floor of the Dain Bosworth building, where he entertains visitors with tall tales of Tom Barnard's imminent demise. "It's not a question of if KQ will fall, it's when," he says with a slick, spin-ready smile.

Radio may be Bloom's business, but Howard Stern is his calling. And he takes the job very personally. Before sprinting off to a meeting, he pauses to confer with an engineer who's been poring over tapes of Barnard's Friday, August 1 show. For some reason, Barnard seemed particularly flustered that day; he lost his cool after pausing in the midst of a digression about prostitutes shooting ping-pong balls from their--well, you know. Bloom is delighted. He thinks Barnard and the folks at KQ heard from Disney CEO Michael Eisner, who happened to be in town that day. (On Monday, Barnard essentially confirmed as much, complaining at length about a reprimand from his bosses regarding Friday's show.) Bloom can't wait to get a transcript of the show together to send to Stern.

After just eight weeks on the air, Stern has helped move the former country station from eighth to fifth among listeners aged 25 to 54, improving its Arbitron share from 4.3 in last winter's book to 6.2 this spring. During morning drive, among listeners aged 18 to 34, WRQC has jumped from sixth to second place; and while he still trails Barnard by 16 full points, Stern's doubled his station's share.

"Is it dramatic enough to say the sky is falling and the world is changing? No," says Jim Pounds, VP and media director at Periscope Communications. "But they [WRQC] are trying to pry off a manhole cover, and it looks like they've gotten hold of a crowbar. It means more uncertainty in an uncertain market."

Salespeople at KQ, who deny rumors about increased tension in the office but still refuse to speak on the record, point to their station's overall dominance. WRQC is up, they admit, but KQ's ratings have remained relatively static. Bloom, on the other hand, says there's enough in the numbers to help his station's sales staff. "Some advertisers thought Stern wouldn't fly here," he says. "Now, they're saying, 'Maybe I should get locked into this thing now, before it really takes off.'" Pounds confirms that Stern is already stirring up the market's fee structure.

Bloom is quick to take on critics of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which allowed a few moneyed players to consolidate their control of local radio to a previously unimagined degree. His defensiveness makes sense. Stern is here ultimately because WRQC owner Chancellor Communications has more stations--and thus more tactical prerogatives--than anyone in town. Disney in the meantime has to worry not only about guarding Barnard from Stern's assault; they also have to fret over the possibility of losing listeners to Chancellor's coordinated array of formats. One source at 93.7 The Edge says they've already started skewing their format to harder-rocking "alternative" music to keep kids from dialing up WRQC. In the spring Arbitron ratings, both KQRS and KEGE were off their winter numbers. Chancellor properties were even or up. "Even if we don't win, they lose," Bloom says with an air of nonchalance.

A recent yarn making its way round local radio stations may serve as a parable for what's happening. As the story goes, a Stern fanatic calling himself the Bathroom Man went to KQ's studios in Golden Valley and, while there, made quite a point of needing to use a rest room. He was let in. KQ staffers later found their men's room spray-painted with phrases such as "Howard Stern rules." Yes, Bloom has heard about the incident; yes, the Bathroom Man called up and described the vandalism on Stern's show. But he wants to make it clear that no one at WRQC had anything to do with it. "I'm competitive. I'm not crazy," Bloom says before breaking into a grin.

"But did I kind of smile when I heard about it? Oh yeah."


by Mike Boone, The Gazette
Howard Stern, the notorious bad boy of U.S. radio, invades Montreal's airwaves next month.

Stern's unabashedly tasteless and joyously sophomoric morning show will be broadcast by CHOM beginning Sept. 2.

The FM station announced yesterday that it will drop its own morning program in favour of a Canadian first: a syndicated American show in the most important time slot of the radio day.

And this is not just any off-the-satellite syndicated radio program. The Howard Stern Show is the cornerstone of a multi-media empire that includes best-selling books, a hit movie (Private Parts) and pay-per-view television specials - all of which generate more than $10 million in annual income for a man who spanks strippers on the air and has suggested that, in view of her failing health, Elizabeth Taylor be "stuffed like Trigger and taken on tour."

The Howard Stern Show runs for more than four hours and tops the morning ratings in several major American cities.

Lee Hambleton, general manager of CHOM and its AM sister station, CKGM, is confident Stern - who has racked up more than $2 million in fines in the U.S. - will not run afoul of Canadian radio regulations. And CHOM's boss thinks Montrealers will welcome the "shock-jock" style of Stern.

"No one can predict with certainty how a show like Howard Stern's will be received," Hambleton said. "But we truly believe that this market is different from any other in Canada. Montreal is the most cosmopolitan city in Canada, the most open to new ideas."

Stern, the self-styled "King of All Media," has ascended to the throne by being the most calculatingly outrageous radio personality in the U.S.

A typical Howard Stern morning show begins at 6 and ends whenever Stern runs out of gas, usually after 10 a.m. (CHOM will have three six-minute breaks per hour to insert local news, traffic and weather.)

Stern's program features celebrity interviews (in order to promote their latest movies, books, CDs, etc., on a top-rated broadcast, the stars happily tolerate Stern's rude questions), phone-ins, aggressive promotion of the latest Stern enterprises and graphic discussions of sex and bodily functions.

The CHOM deal, finalized yesterday, is Stern's first foray into international broadcasting.

Will CHOM have a problem with the CRTC?

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission rules prohibit "abusive comment" that might incite hatred or contempt "on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or metal or physical disability." Obscene language is also prohibited.

"The CRTC regulations don't spell out any prohibited words," CHOM program director Ian MacLean said."I've heard the f-word on CBC Radio. And Howard Stern is very clever in circumventing regulations. He hasn't gotten this far by making dumb mistakes."

Lise Plouffe of the CRTC said the regulators "would expect to rely on the complaints process'' in dealing with any Howard Stern Show difficulties.

"Once the program is on the air,'' Plouffe added, "if someone finds it objectionable and complains, we will investigate.'' Hambleton and MacLean believe Montreal listeners have a high tolerance for provocative talk radio. They cite popular firebreathers such as Pat Burns (the 1960s CKGM phone-in raver, not the hockey coach), Andr´┐Ż Arthur and Gilles Proulx.

Hambleton says he is not overly concerned about listeners being offended by CHOM's new morning man. He says Stern is not a racist but rather "an equal-opportunity offender."

CHOM's current morning show features Pete Marier, Andrew Carter and Maria Colletta. Marier and Carter will move to the 3-to-7 afternoon drive shift (where incumbent Ken Connors becomes odd man out) and Carletta will take over CHOM's mid-morning show, which will begin whenever Stern stops talking in New York.

Courtesy The Montreal Gazette
Revelation Day
From: Dr. Ruthless
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 22:46:25 GMT
Reply-To: [email protected]

It all began when a caller asked Howard for a list of tapes he's made.

As Howard usually does with boring callers, he gets distracted and started prodding Robin about her story. She balked again, and Howard finally said, "How about if everybody here tells a secret? Will you tell yours?"

Robin was about to agree when Gary came in and committed the most moronic act anybody could ever do on the HS show. He said he would tell HIS secret if Robin told hers. He knew hers and said his was 100 times worse. So, she agreed.

Gary then said, "I'll tell mine in a nutshell, then I don't want to comment on it.

"I was molested as a child. There, I'm not gonna say any more about it."

Which of course, was untrue. Howard immediately pressed for details and Gary's rock solid resistance instantly crumbled away.

It turns out that when Gary was 6 or 7, a 17 year old (friend of the family) got Gary to FONDLE HIS PECKER!

Gary said he did this on 4 or 5 occasions before he finally wised up. He said "Treats were involved". Turns out the guy gave him some chocolate for fondling him.

Then, Robin told her secret, which I'll get to in a second. Turns out hers was cute, but not embarassing.

After Gary made this revelation, Howard and the gang started goofing on him, especially Jackie, the most mean spirited bastard I know. He started rigging the Pa Pa Puppet to move its hand up and down. Faxes started coming in offering Gary a job milking cows. Jackie suggested the guy probably laid out a trail of Hershey's kisses to his room for Gary to follow.

After a while, Gary started getting pissed at Jackie, telling him he never lets things die. I don't know why he doesn't blame Howard for the humiliation. When Robin got to the news, they still couldn't get Gary's story out of their minds and kept goofing on it. Gary got on the PA and hollered "SHUT UP AND DO THE GODDAMNED SHOW!!!"

No doubt they'll be goofing on Gary all week. I was in pain from laughing. Why does Baba Booey leave his ass so wide open like that? After 15 or so years on the show, he should know he'd get nothing but crap for making a revelation like that.

Anyway, Robin's secret was about a love affair she had in the past. The guy wanted her to give oral sex, but she hadn't ever done it before and didn't want to look like an idiot. She didn't want to ask anybody what to do, so she went around looking at various X-rated video stores until she finally found one in a Hispanic neighborhood, and the guy running the stand was very helpful. She got a tape of nothing but oral sex (along with a few complimentary condoms) and watched it at home, hiding the tape afterwards. Her boyfriend complimented her on her blowjob later...


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