Brian's Thoughts on Howard Stern
Howard Stern, the King of All Media, has once again proven to himself, and the world, that he truly can live up to his title. In early February 1996 Howard announced that his movie, Private Parts, had begun the preliminary stages of production, *and* it is being done by top film company Paramount Pictures, and produced by Ivan Reitman. If that isn't truly accomplishing the task of movies, then I don't know what is. Especially since the movie is hysterical and a number-one hit, this only proves Howard to be true even more.
Long live Howard - The King Of All Media!
As you probably already know, I am a Howard Stern fan. Some commonly asked questions are "How can you stand that filth?" or "Is what Howard does on the radio actually happening?"

For the first question, I don't think its filth, or any more filth than we all experience in our common everyday lives. Howard vents his feelings through the microphone, whether they be controversial or not. If you stop and think about what you and some friends were discussing at one time or another than chances are it wasn't much worse than something Howard has said. If Howard is anything its Honest. Howard doesn't let the micricrophone stop him from telling you what's on his mind.

As for the second question, ABSOLUTELY YES! If you are fortunate enough to get
E! ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION then you most likely have seen the "Howard Stern" show. If you don't get E!, then I urge you to harrass your cable company. Call them at every opportunity. Yell at them. I say "harrass" them because no matter what you tell them nothing will be done. They could care less what you think. Chances are they have no competition and could care less if someone isn't happy because they know you're not going to cancel your service.

My cable company is Harron Cable of Glens Falls.

Visit the Harron Cable Page to learn how we did...

As for Howard Stern's show, my original subject, all of what you hear is happening.
Every thing Howard says is the truth... well maybe.
Howard says that he has a penis that's "hung like a pimple". I think he says that he has a small penis to get attention. The man can never get enough attention. He is fueled by it. And yet, it is the very thing that may someday destroy him, however unlikely. When this happens and how it comes about are yet to be seen. Howard has been through many struggles in his career and always seems to come out more popular and better than before. Will there be an end to Howard Stern. If so, chances are it will most likely result from the bullet of some member of an organization set out, as if life depended on it, to stop him.
(Like the Hispanics, or Mexicans, or Jews, or Christians, or Philipinos, or Chinese, or Whites, or Blacks...)

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